Idea for a map (pvk_piratefort or something)

GeleiaGeleia ロリコンSenior
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Maybe a map made by the community, not a member
I was reading an old thread and I was thinking about a Pirate defense map.

I had nothing to do in my maths class today, so I've made some drawings and something.

My idea is to make this map, not by me or someone else, but with some people of the community. Some of us would have the .vmf and make some of the map.

So, someone is good at displacements, then he will do the displacements. The other is good at details, so he'll do the details. Something like that.

Here are the drawings, it's a simple map, but I think it would be fun to play.

New ideas are welcome. If you want to help with the map, let's talk about it. I'm not very good at anything, but I can do the basics and some advanced in hammer and i can be in the testing and ideas part ;D


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