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hi sorry maybe i rant but i have to. i really love pvk but well the waiting time is really a pain in the ass becaus every time i check the board there are only stupid post(when does it come out, pls dont change bla, it takes sooo long, blub is imba, other random bullshit),
i regret it every single time when i have a look for some news.
well on the mainpage there are rarely news and the devblog gone well it makes me just sad. icon_stabhead.gif

every now and then a betatester post something or a team member, maybe its not worth for the mainpage but most of the time good pieces of information.

would it be possilbe to:
A: revive the devblog "well this week we work on this bug/this feature"
B:use the banhammer more often/ close more threads.
C: open a new subforum for smallinfos/good questions (have harsh rules about what is aloud to ask)
D: a simple newsletter with info so one is informed without the need to go to the website


  • Teh_SuxTeh_Sux Senior
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    A:I want the devblog back too.
    B:lol you would close 1/3 of the posts.
    D: IS it that hard to tape or you just have slow internet?
    I have learned my lesson at last and may have a real forum signature thanks to the kind mercy of Bingo Bango
  • maserakimaseraki Senior
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    QUOTE (TehSux @ Aug 27 2009, 03:49 PM) »
    D: IS it that hard to tape or you just have slow internet?

    well no BUT it would be great if i get informations delivered so i dont have to hunt for them... as with every paided game the developers should try to keep the customers informed. (i know they do it in their freetime bla bla but nevertheless)

    im the best example. months ago i had a look at the site almost daily, then it dropped to weekends only, then once in a while and now im in the 6-8 weeks period. every time i have a look my motivations sinks. and well i problably lose interest in the game because for me its "dead" (again dont argue)
    i spent a few years online and i read enough post from trolls idiots and "scum of the web".
    it would be great if there was a good way to be infromed more then once half a year.

    (idea from warhammeronline: they had a grabbag of questions every month. you could post your question in the forums and at the end of the month the best 10 were picked and answered.)

    for your information:
    according to;order=-players
    there are 29 servers
    11 servers in the us
    10 spread in europe
    with a amazing total of atm 44 players
    it would be great if there would be a 0 behind these numbers in the future
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