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There were some problems that made beta1 unplayable. Here is beta2.

Download: http://postdownload.filefront.com/13584189...6bead70171be01a


-Fixed ladders
-added fall death to the cave pit
-made it easier to navigate out of pirate spawn
-added lights to viking secondary path
-fixed some holes in displacement
-fixed lighting on bridge
-added health, armour and ammo pickups



I'm not sure if it's against the rules or not to post maps after the deadline, but I want to make the map at least playable.


  • LordTrilobiteLordTrilobite Baron Grunwald disapproves. Senior
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    You should upload it on fpsbanana aswell biggrin.gif
  • smokeythebearsmokeythebear Senior
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    Does it have a pvk section?
  • LhorkanLhorkan PVKII Team, Senior
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    The map is 70 MB?

    Dude! ohmy.gif
  • kow75kow75 Senior
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    Its obviously not Optimized!

    You should make all the round shape walls func details. It will save you in vvis. The more you make the map render boxy in glview the better. Also change your light map scales. Like you don't need 16 on the ground 32 and 64 works fine. General rule of thumb, less detailed areas should have higher light map scales. Higher areas visible by players should be default. Detailed areas lower. Also work on your smoothing groups. Instead of rendering all 16 sides of your tower walls make them 1 smoothing group. It will make is look more round and the lighting/shadows more realistic.
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