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Good Morning,
I would like to apply to be a part of your team and so here is what I got:

I have been looking for a mod to work for and with these last 4 or 5 months. I am a Development Manager in Oklahoma using everything from .NET VB to ASP to SQL 2005 and the list goes on. I am familiar with TortuiseSVN and Sub-Version Servers as I use that with my work. Also I have some experience in C through my old college years. I mainly do big picture stuff but I have experience writing SelfService tools for active directory using SQL/ASP as well as CaseManagement systems that are proprietary for the company I work for.

I am wanting to get into the mod community and this project is fantastic. I have been playing it and others in the similar genre and I love the melee mixed with the range. I am a big fan of what you all have built. I am looking to see if your team could use either a scripter, documentation coordinator for server owners, wiki maintainer, sub-project manager.

Also I am a server owner and I have experience with hosting and customizing servers using my Windows 2003 2U racked server in a data center in Oklahoma City that I use to host 3-5 Age of Chivalry servers. I also script for Sourcemod for RPG plugins that I have been slowly building for AOC.

If you have any open slots in your team, I would very interested.



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