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Hi there i got a problem with the map pvk island it starts from the last week idk why but it laggs so damned hard on pvk island i downloaded it new but it doesnt helped i dont know what to do help someone pls.


  • Trojan•CliniqueTrojan•Clinique Be precise. A lack of precision is dangerous. Senior
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    I'm guessing you have a old pc? because i know pvk_island is resource heavy and needs better optimisation.
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    I've seen same texts copied in the same comment,
    I've seen Double posts
    But I've never saw a Double Topic before mellow.gif

    Probably something got wrong, and for your problem something would be wrong with your computer
    (like Trojan said)
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    This hasn't anything to do with his computer its some kind of bug.

    I had this bug for ages, all other maps ran smooth but most of the time when I connected to server running Island I got like 1 frame per 2 seconds. This had also something to do with servers, look for some good servers (Island party, official) they usually worked for me.
  • AmerikaAmerika Honkey Senior
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    I never ever got lag or bad fps on Island.
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  • SoReaLSoReaL Senior
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    I've never got the problems before with island maybe it would help if i reinstall it ?
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