Ban This Guy

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Racist Remarks (Not Tolerated!)
I see alot of guys curse and stuff ..sure whatever but racism I do NOT tolerate and I hope you guys don't either.

Here are three screenshots ..he was taunting me to post a ban and sure I am.

# 64 "Hallow" STEAM_0:0:886709 26:57 87 0 active <---from this picture you can see he said it and is not a fake shot

Please ban him ..if you own a server do so as well. These guys just cause trouble.

Thank you for listening!


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    Also ban this guy ..he was in the same game and was also causing trouble.

    Here is his screenshot..he is basically asking for a ban and doesn't care he said "take my ID too"

    His steam ID is

    # 48 "The keef collector" STEAM_0:1:4147346 46:56 79 0 active
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    Sorry for many replies but if you admins want to find them ..they said this around 1:00-1:20 P.M EST time on January 16 2009

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    This was not done on the official servers. We generally dont ban people acts like this on other peoples servers.
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