PVKII be sappin' mah video drivers

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Hai again; been away for a while. So anyways, when I load up a map, it gives me a pure black screen - I can hear the music, but nothing else comes up. I tried Alt+F4'ing, yet this, on one occasion, only brought up a messagebox: "Display drivers not responding". I tried uninstalling my drivers and installing new ones, but that too has not aided it. I also tried forcing it into DirectX 8.1 mode (-dxlevel 81), that obviously has not worked either.


8500gt 512mb,
1gb RAM
Dual core Pentium D 2.6ghz processor


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    I run PVKII on -dxlevel 60 and it works for me, barely.
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    Make sure your AA isnt too high you might get purple/black screen if your video card and/or drivers cannot support certain levels of AA.
    I know some older ATI cards could not support it, and it might have to do with drivers.
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    I run PVKII on -dxlevel 60 and it works for me, barely.

    Thanks, that worked biggrin.gif
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