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jRocketjRocket Pixel PunisherPVKII Team
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I noticed that the back button doesn't seem to work on these forums. I'm using IE7, at least until Firefox 3 comes out. Is anyone else having this problem?

If so, post what browser you are using.


  • JahhurJahhur PVKII Team
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    I'm using IE too and the back button has never really worked in these forums. You have to press it couple billion times to get to the site you wanted.
  • TheMoonTheMoon Senior
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    Firefox 2, back works like a charm...
  • MaydayMayday Engineering Supreme Senior
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    Back button works on:

    IE 8.1

    Doesn't work on IE 7 and below.
  • CrazyGoblinCrazyGoblin Everybody's favorite Greenskin Senior
    edited June 2008
    If you use the drop-down list on the back button, you'll see spammed entries for some failed attempt at loading an image. When you just use the back button (or the backspace key shortcut), you'll attempt to "load" one of those failures, which just sets you back to the page you're on. If you use the drop-down list, you can skip all those.

    This is the only place I've encountered that problem. Still though, Firefox is a great choice in any matter.
  • jRocketjRocket Pixel Punisher PVKII Team
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    What images are failing to load?
  • ColonelColonel Finger Lickin' Good PVKII Team
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    Well my back and forward buttons just ran away. They're not even there anymore lol.

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  • CrazyGoblinCrazyGoblin Everybody's favorite Greenskin Senior
    edited 12:27PM
    I'd completely forgotten about this thread... Hang on, let me try something.

    Okay, from what I can tell, the spammed failure is "". Or at least that's all that shows up in the drop-down list. Don't know where else I'd find it, seeing as it doesn't appear in history.
  • stizzstizz Members
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    very annoying problem. I have to click it like 8 times just to get it to go back
  • The Red CrayonThe Red Crayon 3-7-77 Vigilante #21901923 Senior
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    I have the same problem jrocket.
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