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a list of custom maps sorted by author
Important! Read this first!

This thread is meant for custom mappers to post links to the released maps they have made so that server owners have a clearer view of what custom maps there are in PVKII.

Guidelines for mappers:
- Only post links of released maps.
- Do not post links to unreleased WIP maps.
- Do not post any screenshots in this thread as it will reduce the readability.
- Onlu make one post for all your maps.
- Please post an as complete as possible list of your custom maps.
- Please keep this thread clean of any unrelated stuff.
- Update your list when you release a new map or new version of an old map.

- Making sure it's clear which version a map is and what game mode it is will be very useful.
- Having multiple download mirrors is always good.
- Adding a date when you last edited your post will be useful for server owners.

Author: Lord Trilobite/Olof Moleman

Templepit version 2 (Territory)

Stone Circle beta 2 (Territory Duel);/fileinfo.html

Dojo Duel version 1 (Duel DM)

Keep version 2 (Territory)

300 Battle of Thermopylae beta 3 (Two Team Territory)

Snowy Glade beta 2 (Duel DM)

Basalt Beach version 1 (Duel DM)

Tourny Archery Range beta 2 (Practice/Tournament)

Scummbar version 2 (Duel DM)

Swamp beta 1 (Duel DM)

Boarded beta 3 (Holy Grail)

Sky Pirates beta 4 (Last Team Standing)

Maelstrom beta 1 (Last Team Standing)

Museum version 1 (Booty)

Falls beta 2 (Two Team Booty)

Valhalla beta 1 (Team Deathmatch)

Dragon Attack beta 4 (Booty)
Other authors: Lhorkan and Jahhur

Inferno beta 2 (Last Team Standing)

Warbots beta 1 (Giant Robot Deathmatch)
Other authors: Benryde

Catacombs beta 1 (Team Deathmatch)

Breakable Taverns beta 2 (Two Team Territory Break Map)

Dragon Havoc beta 2 (Team Dragon Deathmatch)
Other authors: Lhorkan

Breakable Mines beta 2 (Two Team Booty Break Map)

Tower Remake beta 1 (Booty)

Updated August 7 2012 (Tower Remake beta 1)


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