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Hey guys,
I'm going to be adding a section on with various server mods.
Each one will have things like a Name, Picture (If applicable), Author, Description, Installation instructions (including requirements) and Download Link.
If you would like to see your server mod/scripts on the main site, start a thread titled "[Completed] Mod Name". In the thread list out the details described above.
The most important thing for me are the description and how to install it. Be as detailed as possible - as though explaining to someone who's never installed a mod for their server before. *ahem*

Also, any mods required to run your script/mod as well. For example, if your mod runs off of AMX/Whatever, list it for me.

For faster results you may wish to contact me by email with a link to the thread, as I'm a busy man and don't always have time to check through the boards every day.

Thanks! And keep your custom content coming, we love seeing it!


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