Heavy Knight Glitches

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Such as certain times when you cant swing but you can wind up and get
Ok the first knights glitch is with the heavy knight of course and i have done a bit of testing on my own and i have figured out that

Doing your special and then swinging too soon after words does not let you attack. You must do your special then wait about 2 seconds then attack...i have tried this multiple times and everytime i do my special and try to attack instantly after words i wind up and it does nothing it doesnt even hit. I dont know the reason for the other random animation bugs whereyou wind up but the swing animation doesnt work yet your sword still swings. Another greatsword glitch with the heavy knight is that i found a way you can look around while doing your special as a heavy knight. If you get bashed or in even a slight way blocked and then your screen goes all motion blure, well if you do your special instantly after you get bashed mostly by a shield, you will doyour special and be able to look around in the time that it is used. But it still does damage to everyone around you so even though you can aim where your sword is pointing (from your point of player view) it still just does the same thing but is an animation bug. There is a nother way i found to do your special by looking around but this is more less the fault of valve then pvkII. Ok i was fooling around with my friend on one of his servers and he went afk so i did ent_setname and gave him 99999999999999 health
then wacked him a bunch of times over for no reason at all. So i discovered that what i did was, I crouched walked forward to him a little then stood up. When i released the crouch key it did not stand the player up instantly that is a valve problem not a pvkII problem cuz it has happened in half life 2 and things like that. So anyways i crouched hit him then stood up then it took a second and a half for my players view to go back to normal and i did special right after i stood up. So if you find a way to do that crouch then stand back up delay glitch and then use your special right after your player view is set back to standing you can aim and look around as you special, and t hats all i know for the knights greatsword glitches for now. Oh incase anyone doesnt know and im sure this will be fixed in 2.1 Archer glitch to reload crossbow, and dont fucking block this post just cuz im saying this everyone knows it by now, Hit shift as you reload crossbow and you can move around biggrin.gif the crossbow only locks regular movement not shift movement


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    nice research

    didin't read it all, a few words

    but nice job

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    Hey that's been happening to me too! I thought I was just going crazy. Especially when I whine up an attack then release the attack button and my sword just goes back to its original position and and I'm just standing there in front of my enemy like a cow caught in headlights. Haven't worked out what causes it exactly - it usually happens in the heat of battle.
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    Thanks. It is fixed for patch 2.1
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    The 2.1 patch is out?
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    QUOTE (Kair @ May 22 2008, 02:32 PM) »
    The 2.1 patch is out?

    lol no it isnt! if it was it would be on the latest news and main page of pvkii.com but its gonna be great! especially the fix for weapon stealing.
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