Heavy Knight Great Sword Animation Bug

MitchMitch Banned
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heavy knight doesnt always swing right :(
I am not sure of anyone else has posted this bug but i am posting it again just incase! often, not all the time, but very often theres an animation glitch with the heavy knights claymore! and when you swing and release it goes back to a regular holding motion! but yet it still swings and does the damage, sometimes! so please pvkii team find a way to fix this because it has gotten me killed many times before, because liek i said it doesnt ALWAYS do the attack the bug often just doesnt swing at all not just doesnt show the swing motion! icon_restless.gif BURN THAT EXPLOIT DESTROY THAT EXPLOIT RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


  • VenatirVenatir Senior
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    happend to me too
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    It just doesnt play the animation sometimes, i just run in a knight and get killed by a second invisible flying claymore.
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