Official server rules

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Official pvkii servers:

Server rules:

1. Chat:

A. No spamming/flamming.

B. No talking with the IRC admins. Seriously, only use IRC messaging if its an emergency.

C. No mic spam/flaming.

D. No sexually explicit chat.

E. No racism or other discrimination.

F. No voice com spam.

2. Sprays:

A. Absolutely no porn sprays.

B. No disgusting/disturbing sprays.

C. No offensive sprays.

3. Spectating/afk:

A. No going afk in server.

B. Spectating in a full server is not allowed.

4. Exploitation:

A. No exploiting chests. Example of chest exploit: Throwing chest out of the map/to unreachable location.

B. No anti-team actions. Basically, no intentionally helping the opposite team. This includes delivering your own chests to them...ect.

C. No exploiting map glitches.

D. No exploiting game mechanics.

5. Other:

A. No cheating.

B. No offensive nicknames.

C. Do not use funky rate settings to abuse network latency to your advantage.

D. If friendlyfire is on - no killing your teammates on purpose.

Note: Punishment can be changed based upon the situation and as the admin sees fit.

*In case when rules are broken, players are encouraged to message admins on irc by typing "/irc [message]" in chat.
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