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Howdy. I've been playing PVKII since the first day and some of you might know me from in-game. In february I made this map for a map contest (which I never heard anything from after giving them the map). The map's gametype is territory and all of the textures used for the house are from the game Rune.

Here are some previews

This was and is the only map I've made with hammer. I haven't changed it at all since february, but made an attempt a few months ago and added a rune stone in the middle of the map, but had some bad bugs so I decided to release this version. This is how the rune stone looked like http://img216.imageshack.us/my.php?image=vargstengn7.jpg (texture from M


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    I remember seeing this map some time ago on a server (atleast half a year ago), though there weren't any players on to fight agaisnt.
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    Hehe yep wink.gif
    The =GU= server was asking for custom maps and I sent this one to them, the server pinged rather badly for me and many others though.
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    Anyway, about the map, it needs a lot more interesting gameplay and eye-candy. It's just way to empty.
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    The map seems to me to be quite hectic in the sense that it seems quite misplaced. Trilobite is right in saying it needs more detail. Perhaps if added more displacement, One giant rock formation doesn't seem natural. For example: http://www.gdargaud.net/Climbing/Briancon/...es_SideView.jpg
    You see it has several different parts to it, giving it more of a decayed over time feel. Same principal goes for the floor. Also you could add bridges across the water, perhaps the water is so cold it hurts to go into. That gives the player a choice and lets face it players love to be able to chose. How about adding some rocks to the water giving it that more natural feel also. You could even go so far as to add a dock for your boat, adding ham at the end of it giving them a reason to go there. Things like that are what keep a map interesting, anyone can create a map were you run around and stab at each other. Heres what I think you should do: Go into hammer open your map and write down all the things you can possibly think of that would make the map interesting. That includes detail, areas, effects etc. Then once you've done that select some of the ones you like the most and implement them. Every map needs a signature, something that shows it's different from another. otherwise will end up with loads of boring very similar maps like CS:S Aim maps. I'm sure most people don't want that!
    I hope I was of some help and I will be interested to see what you do next.
    Mr.Fossie always triumphs! Have at you!
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