Map ideas.

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Right, since I need to improve my mapping skills, I need an idea for a map. Nothing too complicated, but original (I.e. not another castle. -.-)


  • LordTrilobiteLordTrilobite Baron Grunwald disapproves. Senior
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    I'm nearly drowning in ideas, so you can use one of mine...

    How about medieval catacombs?
  • miLkmiLk Senior
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    Ok, I have thoguht out a hard one for you.

    Name: "Witch Wood"

    Should be a mystical and gloomy map, surrounded by a forest, to give you the feeling that you are fighting "deep into a forest".

    In the middle of the map, there is the "witch cabin", imagine a classical fairy- story cabin, like from hte Grimm brothers or something. Have some food and armour and stuff in it, also a huge fire with an black kettle (for cooking children ofc), I aslo thought of some cave, burrowed into the ground, ioe, you walk DOWN into the ground, not some "stone cave", and the entrence of the cave should a little bit "hidden" maybe some roots over it to give it an remote feeling. The third building could be an OVERGROWN (with roots and plants n stuff) stoneruin, maybe from a bigger stone building etc, and at some points it should still be climbable (better for gameplay if you can use the enviroment) and the last thing is that there should be ALOT of weird and creepy looking trees, BIG TREES, not some pinewood here innit. And imo they should each one be original, and look like "living" trees, maybe like "evil looking ents" or something, and light them up with torches, and have corpses hanging from them in ropes, and a bunch of crows sitting on them.

    Hmm maybe this would be way to hard to do, but stil, I think its a cool idea, hope I gave you some inspiration anyway.
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  • PytoXPytoX Senior
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    You could look here for ideas:
  • DoomsirenDoomsiren Senior
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    how about a swamp? or a dungeon?cave?piratebay?a huge old mansion(king's palace)?mountain passage or valley? a battlefield with wreckage and body's? space station
  • chillychilly Senior, Drunk and Disorderly
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    space station, heh. Guess its about as realistic as the game concept, anyway biggrin.gif
    move along
  • kow75kow75 Senior
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    You build a Space Station.

    While I re-make the Playboy Mansion.
  • DoomsirenDoomsiren Senior
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    i thnk a hidden pirate bay would be good. or a huge treasure room with huge amounts of gold coins jewels etc etc
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