How to appeal a ban

BladeBlade PVKII Team
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Read before starting a thread
If you are here to appeal or dispute a ban on the OFFICIAL SERVERS, please include all information as requested below, failure to do so will result in your request being ignored, locked or deleted:

1)Your full steamID (this looks like: STEAM_0:0:012345678)
2)Nickname used at the time.
3)The exact date and time to the best of your knowledge.
4)The nick of the admin who banned you.
5)Which map you were playing at the time.
6)Which server (give the name and IP to the best of your knowledge).
7)The reason you think you were banned.
8)Finally, give your side to the story. Please bear in mind that we have logs and will check them, so there is no point lying.

If we receive your request more than one month after your ban, it might be ignored.

A thread lacking these parameters will be locked/deleted immediately.
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