Problems hitting "Submit Post"

DavemanDaveman Senior
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If I type a post and accidentally hit "Preview" instead of "Submit" post, I've found that hitting "Submit" after the preview loads usually just goes to another preview page. Clicking Submit over and over doesn't do anything and it seems to be random how many times I have to click it; sometimes it works on the second try, sometimes it takes dozens of tries.

I'm using the latest version of Firefox.

Sure enough I'm having the same problem posting this. :mad:


  • MahaTmAMahaTmA Senior
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    I noticed this as well.

    Basically, it's a protection against bots, who usually fill out the form and submit it in 0.1s. Just wait 10 seconds or so before pressing submit again, and it should work just fine.
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  • EisigerEisiger Keg Whore Senior
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    I also noticed that sometimes after editing a post, hitting submit might bring you to a Preview page, and hitting submit will just refresh the page. Don't mess with Edit!
  • CrazytalkCrazytalk Terminator PVKII Team
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    You need to spend time on th epost to make the server know it's legit. This prevents auto-posting spambots.


  • ScrapScrap Senior
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    oh come on guys, lets not be this lazy xD . Pressing submit twice isnt hard
    EDIT: funny, i didnt have to press twice right now
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