Clans, please post information about yourselves in our Wiki!


  • MahaTmAMahaTmA Senior
    edited 12:21AM
    Note, that the wiki is still quite un-filled, please respect the layout/link rules posted in the "help" section to help with keeping it sort-of organized.
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  • NorphTehDwarfNorphTehDwarf Senior
    edited 12:21AM
    What about defunct clans? The major ones, like DetSC, kb, hd, 99vol, roc, tip, and such.
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  • VV Lumberjack's son Senior
    edited 12:21AM
    They're history.
  • Zen MetheusZen Metheus Senior
    edited 12:21AM
    Is the Wiki still in use?
  • MaydayMayday Engineering Supreme Senior
    edited 12:21AM
    Domain is for sale now.
  • chillychilly Senior, Drunk and Disorderly
    edited 12:21AM
    bah, some fool let it expire. I would have paid the 10 bucks to keep it. Poor show whoever was responsible for that sad.gif
    move along
  • LongfeatherLongfeather Senior
    edited 12:21AM
    Are there plans to create a new Wiki under the instead of the .net? This would be helpful to new server providers, clans, and players.

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