PVK_Duality Mapping contest plan /introduction

Hello I'm chapstic and I've decided to participate in the mapping contest. I've never made a map for source engine so this will be a challenge however I do have some experience compiling models and mapping in unity so it shouldn't be too foreign for me. I'm doing this contest for the experience and fun of source modding as  it is my engine of choice since growing up with it. 
Some examples of my work can be seen on my itch page and game banana page

Game theme:

Castle, Fort

Game Mode

Details - Storm the fort ! the winners will have access to loot and the dominate position on the map to rain arrows on the enemy 

Seasons / Mood - summer

Time of Day - noon

Uniqueness - symmetrical arena style map with 2 levels

Lighting - the entrance will be dark but slowly light to bright as you enter into the middle of the rooms

Player Guidance - Theres a wall blocking the spawns off so there's really only one direction to go - straight for middle

Gimmicks - loot is placed over line of fire on walls. 

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