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Happy Halloween everyone!

The Assassin Early Release Update is now available for download on Steam! There are still a few bugs to fix and this is still an early release of the class, but it's here for your enjoyment!

Please see below for a Changelog that details many of the changes in this release.

Knight Assassin
Silent swift steps, quicker crouch-walking and a higher tolerance for heights permit Assassins to approach from above, below, and indeed, from right behind with nary a whisper to betray their movements. The slightly less silent yet still significantly swift Stiletto delivers crippling backstabs from behind, but if a target should have the foresight to turn around before the killing stroke, it comes paired with a Parrying Dagger to repel medium-sized weapons.

The compact crossbow pistol projects all-wood bolts over medium distances, keeping you relevant even when in plain sight, and helps distract your enemies from your scattered caltrops which, when inevitably stepped on, will ensnare them for your teammates to close in and finish off, with you nowhere to be seen and long since gone…

  • The sneaky spymaster is the 4th class to join the Knights team, and the 11th class to join the characters of PVKII. After her release, the Pirate Buccaneer will be the last class developed for PVKII.
  • Knight Assassin is voiced by television presenter, video games journalist, and voice actor Elle Osili-Wood!
  • Equipped with her Stiletto and Parry Dagger, Crossbow Pistol, Caltrops and a Smoke Bomb Special that stuns and blinds enemies near its explosion while cloaks the Assassin for 6 second for quick maneuverability!
  • Assassin Achievements and Bot Profiles included!

Please Note
The following changelog reflects a working pre-release Beta containing finished and unfinished content released on Steam. As this will be a frequently updated work in progress, expect minor issues, bugs, and potential exploits. If you’d like to help make an impact for the future of PVKII both in short and long term, feel free to submit any aforementioned problems you run into along the way on our official Discord!

Immediate upcoming features/fixes

  • Third person shield draw/holster animations
  • Additional voicelines
  • Updated Parrying dagger model and third person fixes
  • Shield animation fixes
  • Caltrop spread changes
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More Changes

New Features and General Changes

  • Shields can now be holstered and re-equipped by pressing the reload key, and the weapon can still be used after the shield breaks! With the shield holstered, the accompanying melee weapon can be used to parry
  • Improved Huscarl Special Animation as well as included an uncommon alternate animation
  • Updated all Weapon+Shields animations
  • Restored missing faces on Viking Shields
  • Huscarl Sword grip resized

Gibs & Dismemberment

  • Gibs or Battered models for Shields
  • Decapitation sound as well as full gib and gib impact sounds
  • Removed gib and dismemberment death voices
  • Gib physics improved

Particle Effects

  • Added special explosions: special_explode_surfacewater, special_explode_underwater, updated keg explosions and added underwater explode sfx
  • Archer special arrows are now on fire

Class Balance Changes and Additions

  • Increased Seax reach from 45 to 50

Man at Arms

  • Increased Mace back attack modifier from 0.9 to 1.0


  • Parrot can no longer be killed with kicks, sorry chest stealers
  • Cutlass animations updated


  • Added Assassin’s Theme by Composer Matthew Harper


  • Updated translations

A Note of Appreciation

  • Thank you to our loyal fans for your dedication and waiting for new content!
  • Thank you to everyone on the PVKII Developer, Beta Tester and Authorized Creator teams, and everyone involved in Octoshark Studios.
  • Thank you to our countless applicants, creators, and contributors who had their hand in helping us make this update possible.

One Last Treat!
Check out some of the awesome Halloween Workshop Content created by fans! Here’s another fun spotlight video created by PVKII Dev AGSMA - enjoy!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!

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