Bring back bunny hopping as a server command

kala_captainkala_captain Land Lubber!Beta Tester
Hi all,

In the "competitive mod" for PVKII played on the cannacon servers, we do gathers in 2v2's, 3v3's, and other more formal games in LTS PVKII. We have a particular set of rules and mods that alter the gameplay of PVK. One of the mods we are fond of is a bunny hop plugin called "quake bhop." This is a good plugin that allows you to do a lot in PVKII that you otherwise wouldn't be able to do - for instance as Heavy Knight you can move very fast and potentially outflank other teams. AT the same time a class like sharpshooter can bunny hop backwards and kite enemies for a lot longer than he would otherwise be able to.

The quake bhop plugin however is flawed and while we appreciate it very much, its kind of clumsy and it doesn't always feel earned. Basically, you get increased momentum just by chaining jumps, not from airstrafing. So what I'm suggesting is a return to the old bunny hop that used to exist in PVKII a long time ago, where you only gained momentum by airstrafing. The old style was a lot harder to do, but was also more consistent and it felt much more earned. A return to this old style of bunny hopping would help to make the competitive game mode a lot more fluid and maybe more familiar to newer players with experience in Counter Strike and other games that have bunny hopping.

Obviously, I don't think that bunny hopping should be included in the casual game as it would probably break the balance too much in gamemodes like booty, and in really big maps as well. So, would it be possible to re implement the old bunny hopping as a server command that could be toggled off and on by the server's owner?
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