Workshop Spotlight Goes on Vacation!

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But not really!

Even when facing a plague, there's no excuse in celebrating the hot scum-slaying days of summer in tropical, luxuriant landscapes created by our community. Today we present to you two maps that will fill the void of those who crave for a trip to Tortuga and similar places... as in actual Tortuga, not the official map - you get the point!

Brigand Bay, by Momo, is a delightful island filled with places worth causing havoc, from cabins to a vessel, underwater or over a tower. Also, those Renaissance inventors can't stop inventing those crazy flying contraptions.

Babylon, by KhurangaBebop, takes place in the famed Hanging Gardens, with a beautiful emerald-filled cave and it's the perfect field trip to our friendly keg hoes and the perfect tourist trap for their foes, the Knights, quite literally. Just be careful and don't bellyflop into the water!

Download these maps today and cherish these moments with your friends! Workshop Spotlight returns soon!

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