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PVKII Beta Minor Update Changelog

An update has been released for PVKII. Server owners, please update your servers. We last saw you in December with our Glacier Update, since then PVKII has turned 13! Thank you for all your playtime and to the countless developers, creators, testers, donators and contributors!

Please stay home, stay healthy, and game on! Wishing you all good health from all of us at Octoshark Studios.

View changelog below:

bt_glacier Fixes & Updates

- Small details added to glacier including gorgeous trees by juicyfruit
- Fixed minor map issues including playerclips in tunnels
- Updated navmesh

New Achievements - Glacier Pack

How Much Does a Polar Bear Weigh? - Destroy 10 Ice Blocks in Glacier - Title: The Ice Breaker
Hurtcules! Hurtcules! - Win 10 Rounds in Glacier - Title: The Parrot of War
Polar Bear Dip - In Glacier, kill 5 enemies using freezing water - Title: The Iceman
Art for achievements made by Pache94

Balance Tweaks
Heavy Knight
Two-Handed Sword:
Base Damage: 80 -> 77
Charge Time: 0.75sec -> 0.95sec
Charge Damage: 35% -> 42%

Animation Modifiers:
StartAttackSpeed: 0.8 -> 0.85
SwingSpeed: 1.35 -> 1.67
AttackSpeed: 0.95 -> 0.85

All Attacks:
Wind-up: 0.83 -> 0.71
Recovery: 1.25 -> 1.15

This is a somewhat significant rework of HK’s sword aimed at improving QoL. The sword is overall faster, but has a longer charge time to compensate. Additionally, to accommodate for the faster speed, the base damage is lower. However, the charge damage bonus is also higher, offsetting the lower base damage. 
TL;DR: uncharged and partial charged attacks are faster but weaker, and fully charged attacks should feel largely the same.

Counter Attacks
Several weapons had mismatched hit traces on some of their counter attacks.

Man-At-Arms’ Halberd:
Right Counter Attack: Changed from a Thrust to a Leftward Slash

Gestir’s Spear:
Forward Counter Attack: Changed from an Overhead to a Thrust
Left Counter Attack: Changed from a Rightward Slash to a Thrust
There was no reason for the Spear, a thrusting weapon, to have 2 randomly non-thrusting counter attacks.

Bondi’s Seax:
Left Counter Attack: Changed from a Leftward Slash to a Rightward Slash
Right Counter Attack: Changed from a Rightward Slash to a Leftward Slash
These traces were being generated in the wrong direction.

Berserker’s Big Axe:
Left Counter Attack: Changed from a Thrust to a Rightward Slash
Right Counter Attack: Changed from an Overhead to a Leftward Slash
The right counter attack’s animation was changed as well.

Code Fixes & Updates
- Added Glacier achievements
- Disallow remote MOTD by default
- Fixed GrogBot crash on game mode change
- Fixed a potential crash on explosion
- Fixed a start-up hang on Linux
- Fixed accumulated physics force not being applied to ragdolls
- Fixed achievement Watch Me Right Hook! not having a title
- Fixed being able to callvote a map outside rotation
- Fixed bot avatars showing incorrect teams in LTS
- Fixed garbled list of add-ons in offline mode
- Fixed legs being cut with dismemberment turned off
- Fixed server crash on workshop_download_collection
- Fixed several Linux crashes
- Game now mounts Workshop maps on subscription
- Load local credits HTML instead of remote
- Misc. optimization for GrogBot
- Shuffle players callvote now restarts round
- Tweaked VGUI in-game menus
- Updated Chinese translations

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