[BUG] Bots ignore spawnpoint options (FIXED?)

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Now the grogbots are finally here, I've been working on updating my one published maps to support them. While doing so, I noticed pirate bots often continued spawning in the middle house: this is their spawn location at the round start, but afterwards it should be disabled. I did some testing and it turns out that bots use a team spawnpoint regardless of it being enabled/disabled. I also discovered they ignore "Priority spawn at round start". See the following demonstration:


Here you can see a room with two platforms. The blue one has nine of info_player_pirate with "Priority spawn at round start" set to yes—these entities are disabled 0.1 second after the round starts. The yellow platform has got nine of info_player_pirate as well, these without modification. Lastly, there is an explosion that kills everyone in the room every 10 seconds. The vikings and knights aren't relevant.
At first, I will restart the round plus respawn a few times with no additional (pirate) bots. As expected, I will spawn on the blue platform at the round start, on the yellow after death. Hereafter, I will add some bots. The same will continue to apply to me, but some bots will spawn on yellow during the round start, while some on blue after death.


  • The issue has been fixed. I tried replicating yesterday's result, and to my surprise everything worked as intended. I don't get why, I used the exact same map as yesterday, yet I don't get any of theaforementioned trouble. Even weirder is that I had replicated these results after posting about the issue yesterday, after I had gone on a walk. Something must have been wrong with my game; I did restart multiple times through hammer. My only possible guess is that things fixed themselves after I launched the game normally through steam. Everything now works when I launch PVK2 through hammer too, btw.
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