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I am dabbling with the idea of a custom map server. As far as i'm aware, there are only 2 right now. Sbp and hammer clan. Hammer clan has iffy admins, and the server seems to be broken of late. And sbp... Well yeah i don't even have to point out the issues there. Lastly, one is american, one is euro.

So with that being said, how about a server directly between america and europe. The playerbase is too small currently for a split. A server directly in the middle would be accesible for all. Another difference between those would be friendly fire, manual parry, no attack indicators.N O shitty admins. NO shitty speech filter. Functioning plugins. Actually listening to feedback and removing bad maps, adding requested ones. I think this could work and with the update around the corner, an influx of players should join/come back. Now seems like a good time to start developing a community.

Honestly i'd prefer to do arena/cathedral; in the spirit of the good ole days of cannibus clubhouse (R.I.P. LoneSoldier), but LTS just doesn't seem to be very popular.

All that being said, i don't want to waste money if there's no interest. So i'm creating this post (along with a poll) to try and gauge peoples interest. Thoughts??
interested in a server?
  1. interested in a server?4 votes
    1. yes, customs sounds great.
    2. yes, but i'd prefer LTS.
    3. howabout LTS but custom LTS also??
    4. no, i just want to keep playing island over and over and over and over and over and...
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