PVKII Bots Are Coming! We Want Your Name Suggestions!!

PVKII Bots are coming!

And many of them are nameless. While nothing strikes fear into the heart of an enemy like a nameless ghost army of mechanized soldiers, we're going for something more along the lines of the PVKII aesthetic and we want your help to name them!

From now until the bots are released we'll be taking name suggestions in the #pvkii channel on our discord server (here: http://discord.gg/pvkii). If your suggestions are chosen we'll use that or those names for the bots in the released product and credit you with the naming.

To suggest a bot name, include "#botname" in your chat message, when the time comes we'll search the channel for "#botname" and choose the winners, if "#botname" is not part of the message we won't see your suggestion.

If you would like to add a title to your name suggestion or a particular class for your name suggestion please include those in the message. If you don't include a title or a class we'll try to pick the most appropriate title/class. Please keep in mind we may have to override your class selection in cases where too many names were submitted for a class.

Example: #botname Name: Beefeater Title: the Bean Eater Class: Man At Arms
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