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BONDI UPDATE - PVKII Beta Update Changelog & Release Notes

Another Halloween; another PVKII update. Introducing the Viking Bondi! This update brings the 10th class to the game, combat and balance updates, visuals and more!

  • The 10th Class, Viking Bondi
  • Class and Shield Balance Updates
  • Code Fixes and Updates
  • 15 Achievements


Please see below for a summarized changelog that details many of the changes in this release. Head over to our Bugs/Support Forums to report any issues.

Main Features:


The youngest of all the Viking classes, the Bondi, is a freeman who owns a land, proud of his farm, and is seasoned in the art of hunting.

A hunter, swift with his bow. Immense strength with his atlatl. And a piercing, precise, seax. A new range element unlike his elders in battle. He is less honorable a man for his lack of melee weapons, however his steadfast charm for hunting and gathering makes him an honorable story to his family. But his story is a quest of vengeance. His land is taken; his family murdered. And so he seeks to end the lives of those who attempt to take all he has left.

Special: Hunter Rapid Fire. Use in the heat of battle, Bondi enters a euphoric hunter state to release multiple arrows in succession towards targets with piercing damage.

Voice and Music

Voiced by Franki “Hankshaw” Garpeman, a real life viking conquering the internet with his deep voice and sexy Nordic accent. Known for his voice work in the Elder Scrolls Renewal: Skywind project, Reficul, Crystals of Fate, and more recently, Quantum Replica.

Bondi Musical Theme by Dylan JDM

The Bondi is the culmination of countless hours of hard work from PVKII Developers, Authorized Creators, Beta Testers and Contributors, with significant efforts coming from: Corvalho, jRocket, Lord B, and our amazing coders and QA/testers!

Character Classes

  • Updated team balance for bondi update

  • Bondi Dismemberment

  • Can slice up ragdolls into gibs with gibs enabled with some limitations

  • Can now attack gibs and bounce them around with some limitations

  • MAA special no longer slows down movement during the warm-up phase

  • MAA can now get excited properly during his special with weapons other than his halberd

Shield Re-balance

  • Only fully charged shield bashes can stun

  • Cannot be stunned by shield bashes if blocking, but your block will be cancelled if it is fully charged

  • Reduced shield knockback to make sword counters more relevant

  • Slightly reduced shield bash hitbox to make bashing people behind you more difficult (a full fix will come at a later time)

Code Updates


  • Ragdoll lifetimes and limits can now be fully customized beyond player limit, or “Doom” style ragdolls that almost never go away

  • Misc. crash fixes and crash exploit fixes

  • Add “cold” damage option to trigger_hurt, which uses a blue fullscreen damage indicator instead of red

  • Fast weapon switch enabled by default

  • Powderkegs should now always be transmitted regardless of how far away they are as well as players holding them, which should fix the inaudible keg bug

  • Miscellaneous minor performance increases, particularly on player spawn

  • Weapons no longer block you from switching to other weapons (useful to the randomizer plugin where you for instance couldn’t switch between the Berserker’s bigaxe and Huscarl’s two handed axe)

  • Impulse 101 now really gives all weapons

  • Disabled team is now a ConVar “mp_disabledteam” which could be used for mods, to disable a team on any map, or enable a team on a map that has a disabled team

  • New “instant_trigger” entity for mappers/maphacks, a radius based trigger that doesn’t use a brush

  • Fix modified balance servers not being tagged as such in some cases

  • Remove damage dealt label from scoreboard as it’s not completely accurate

  • Remove redundant NAT warning

  • Minor updates to net_graph to show more information

  • Add cl_menumodels ConVar to disable models in the main menu (may be useful on Mac if you crash while joining a server sometimes)

  • Add server-side option to disable player sprays “sv_playerdecals” in case you don’t want players potentially posting adult content

  • Updates and fixes to MapHack scripting interface

Contributions & Other Noteworthy

Agsma - Bondi Trailer, Promo Art

Corvalho - Promo Art

Roald - Bondi Trailer Environment

Phonebooth - Texture Art

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Happy Update and Halloween everyone!

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CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-4770K OC'd @ 3.7 GHz
RAM: Ripjaws X 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 2133MHz
OS: Windows 10 Technical Preview


  • jgh238jgh238 Members
    Yass, thanks all you so much for your effort in that amazing work.
  • Good job with Bondi and other updates except shield balances. I really do not like that shield nerf. Bondi feels very balanced and strong mid range class but with low health it is also pretty hard compared to other viking classes.
  • Very good update, shield nerf was very necessary you did it good
  • VasumatiVasumati Kunoichi Members
    I know alot will disagree with me, and i may biased as a shield lover; but i think they where hitt too hard. I think both the range and stun nerf was a bit much. If you're removing the bash stun (without full charge), then the range should've been left as it was; or vice versa. Other than that, very good update  keep up the great work.

    Rabdom question, but i've heard the next class you're working on is assasin, correct?? Very excited for a female AND assasin to be in the game!
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