New ideas buffs/Nerfs.

First thing:Shields on the game are way Broken For exemple as archer even you try to hit his feet,the shield blocks it? but what?? that's Broken you need to waste a special Bar just to deal a Pierce damage or use a crossbow.
2nd thing: new maps : Objectif: is push the payload! yeah ik lot of games got this Modes , but with push the payload would be good update for territory Maps like tr_Sandstorm.
3rd:heavy knight needs A mini buff Like throwing 2 knifes , deals 15 Dmg and Makes ur enemy bleed , if you hit him with head shot dmg dealed is 38/41, And he takes More Bleeding damage!
4rd thing : Huscarl : When he uses Special nearby allies gets a buff : +Movement Speed for each activated berseker Special , +Increasing Armor reg: When Gestir uses Special at the same time of course
, + Hp reg when another huscarl Uses Special , after the buff the huscarl who uses the special and takes buff takes -50 hp as dmg after using that battle cry!
5:Man at Arms:i really like his animation ext,the only thing that makes him weak is the cast time of His special , also the Crossbow is Not like archer's one , it's more harder to aim using it.
6: Captain,Due TO his special needs lot of sec to reload, Why not make him Waste his special Bar at his parrot : For example : For each nearby parrot,your bird gets increased Damage, and if he killed the enemy, the next time you Will Send your parrot and it deals damage to someone your allies Will detect his place!
7:Skirmisher he's perfect , all he needs is a rework on that pistol  because it's rly hard to hit a guy using it even your aim is right just like man at arms's crossbow
8:Gestir : Why Gestir can't use shield with his  third weapon??? We saw many series like vikings , People there using shield and their own Spear.
Berserker is Perfect no mistakes are mad on him.
Sharpshooter too awesome character.


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    Most of these suggestions you give will only make the game and its classes differ too much from eachother.

    1. I do agree with the shields being "broken", but I don't think the devs even care to do anything major about it.

    2. Objective Gamemode is stalled with rumours of its return. Map authors can still try to make objective maps though, and there is at least one that's somewhat decent if heavily unfinished and outdated.

    3. Heavy Knight should not have any ranged weaponry, he was meant to be a "slow tank". If you want to take down a heavily wounded enemy who's running away, try having a Man-At-Arms & Archer as teammates. (I understand this may be a problem in DM, but even then, him having any ranged would turn him even more powerful)

    4. The fact you mention that Huscarl should give team boosts will be unbalanced, and besides, that is the Jarl's job.

    5. I don't see how MAA's Crossbow is "harder to aim", is it a nocebo effect from the crossbow model?

    6. That would make the parrot be a very cheap, easy to use weapon, it shouldn't be so.
    I do actually like the idea of the parrot putting a "Spotted" effect on an enemy, but the devs will surely not even consider it.
    There are other plans for the parrot, but one is yet to be done.

    7. Skirmisher's pistol was meant to be inaccurate. You're supposed to use it at a very close range, it is meant to be a finisher and "annoyance" weapon and I dare say it actually does the job perfectly.

    8. It would be incredibly hard to balance a Gestir using both Spear&Shield, let alone the fact it may need an overhaul itself.
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  • As my mind only 2 thing can be balanced

    Reduce archer bow damage to 70dmg
    Reduce shield bash range
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