Lawnmower (axe/sword) Rework

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The lawnmower. Its in a bad spot currently.. and although it used to be better, it still was always sub par. Before, your attack direction would change as your movement changed, but a while back it was changed to attack in the same direction you started swinging in, regardless of your movement. This made the weapon from sub par; to downright ineffective.

However.. i had a great idea. When you parry with the weapon, you do a quick slash attack in the corresponding direction; because of that.. the animations already exist. I believe if you swapped the side attacks, it would function alot better. So for example your side attacks would be a single strike, as with any other weapon; and when you parry with them; you will perform a short combo burst.. maybe 3 or 4 slashes. This also makes much more sense from a logical standpoint, as you oppent is stunned; it would be the perfect time to "go all out". im not sure about swapping the "overhead" attack though.. i think the overhead attack should still be lawnmower, to have the weapon keep it's unique-ness.(theres just something great about going into a the special rage and mowing enemies down :p) I believe this would make the weapon much more viable, and we'd probably be seeing it get used alot more frequently. I know for fact i'd absolutely use them if they functioned this way. I know next to nothing about game development, but as stated above; the animations already exist.. so i believe simply swapping the attacks and animations would not be too difficult.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post, and i hope the developers will at least consider testing out the idea. Feel free to post your own suggestions and comments below!


  • VasumatiVasumati Queen of Backstabs Members
    Hmm.. i just though of another alternative as well. Perhaps, you also could swap the overhead attack to function as a single strike as well; but instead, when you use your special and go into rage, all the attacks revert to how it was before. As in, all the atta ks function as the (old) lawnmower during your special. (The attack direction changes as your movement changes)

    I feel like this one would probably be best.. although i understand this version might confuse newer players.

    Food for thought!! Hee hee ;)
  • VasumatiVasumati Queen of Backstabs Members
    Aahh crap.. one last though.
    (I'm on a roll!)

    Maybe make it so, while are doing the lawn-mow during special; the backwards attack does not function. I remeber it being annoying before, trying to dodge an attack and having your break to pull back the weapons and do a charge attack.

    Okay, i'm done now; for real!
  • PopemasterPopemaster Captain of the Seven Seas PVKII Team
    I like the idea of making the side attacks be charged attacks. The current side attacks are awkward. It breaks the flow of lawn mowing if you have to change directions. This would make them a more viable weapon imo. I can take on tough opponents when interchanging both attacks.
  • VasumatiVasumati Queen of Backstabs Members
    w00t! One developer on board!! How do the rest of ya'll feel about it??
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