Movement-based swing bug

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First of all, sorry for the terrible framerate in the video. OBS Studio doesn't like it when I run a game windowed. Also, sorry for not recording a demo, it was late at night and I didn't think of that when I recorded it. Also the game was lagging for some reason.

If the slideshow doesn't explain you what's happening: here's the thing: for some reason when I press forward and hold LMB for use the sword-axe combo, the animation only plays once and it gets stuck as if I'm charging or anything. The same issue happens when I strafe to the right but not to the left. I also noticed at the end of the video that two-handed axe has a noticeable delay when using movement-based swings, specially when holding the S button. I don't recall having this issue with other classes and/or servers. I'll might check it again tonight, as well defraging the files to see if that's the culprate.



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    I can relate. As far as I know it happens to everyone that plays on the russian server which can host 33 players. They changed a lot gameplay values so the game plays considerably different. Specials are disabled, front and back swings are slower but do more damage, side swings ditto but reversed. First I thought it was an issue with the game but I noticed it wasn't consistent until I realized it was because of the server. Join any other server or host your own and you'll notice the game plays like it used to before. But there's not much you can do except not play in that server which is annoying because sometimes that's the only busy server. People shouldn't play in that server it's stupid.
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    front and back swings are slower but do more damage, side swings ditto but reversed.

    That simply can't be possible.
    PVKII put protection for modification related to editing weapon files, at least for codes (models & textures can be easily changed but these only affect visually and individually).

    If you are sure that the server actually modifies the weapon's functions, then you should try to get as many proofs as you can.

    Other than that, the only explanation would be that the high ping changes the effect of the animations, this is very common in all Source Engine games (CSS had it the worst until an update made it less severe)
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    I've been on servers that make the the axe/sword combo forward swing into a charge attack, hence what you described. See if you can fully charge it.
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