Piracy is a crime

dreadmaredreadmare Senior
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I want to say that pirates team in overall is unhealty for the game. That team attract scum-like players.

Most common bt_island is played, so I will talk about that.

That sharpshooter release is something I wish not happen. Sharpshooter camps to the death. By miracle, into pirates deck there appear chest. I dont know how it even happens, I always see them camping + I attack them as much as I can, annoy them everywhere possible, standing in their points zone since round start.
And I can clearly can say- that they have deserved it.
For some reason sharpshooter rifle does more dmg then ranger xbow, and it is not projectile.Also sharpshooter is very annoying, If I approach him - he keeps walking back. If I move back - he keeps following.

SKirmirsher is just a parazite. First of all he have keg- its so random spamming and often becomes tiresome after + 1000 hours of gameplay. Fastest character in the game and have pistol, thats like speedied archer. Not enought of that, his weapon does most DPS.

In overall skirmirsher is annoying scum ( it becomes even worse when bug-abuser jumper plays on it ). Skirmirsher picks all pick-ups, annoys with his pistol to the dead, spam keg. It is too much. Skirmirsher should not have something.
I.e. skirmirsher should not have pistol or should have no sword.

So either it would be good idea to remove those 2 characters from the game. Or alternative not to waste developers made job:
Disable pirates winning conditions. I mean: pirates should lose " competetive team status", they should be just a object/animals team. I.e. pirates to be unable to taking chests, having trinket, in last-man-standing they would be just more dangerous alternative to lava spawn.


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    But you don't understand! How can a taffer like you try to make a satire out of bad material! It is such a DISGUSTING THING!


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    Did you just compare the Skirmisher's inaccurate peashooter to the power of an archer?

    Something tells me you don't have "1000 hours of gameplay".
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