Buccaneer weapon concept

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Hi what you think about the anchor as weapon for Buccaneer?
The most important in my concept is that it will give more badass look for Buccaneer. It also can be used as just cosmetic for him :D
It could be weapon that he must throw on the ground or enemies. It slowing enemies and dealing AoE damage (animations could look awesome if that anchor will be on heavy chain)
The hit preparation will slow buccaneer, but when anchor will hit enemy that enemy will be slowed and damaged. Weapon charging will affect throw range (like Throwing Axes etc, but the anchor is heavy so it needs litle bit another mechanics and much lower range.

I will try to do concept art later.
What you think about it?
Hope developers will apreciate it.

(sorry if it's not understandable, my english isn't good)


  • El NegroEl Negro The Genuinely Only Sane Person Guests
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    It sure is better than him having a shield, but it doesn't fit him too much;
    An Anchor is strong enough for an Atlas contestant to carry it with heavy straining still, Buccaneer is yon average human with better strength than others, but that's it, he wouldn't go around carrying extremely heavy weaponry if he knows it wouldn't be as practical.

    Other than that though, ideas for an AoE weapon are already in, we got the 'mini-grenades' as idea.
    As for the "slow down" damage mechanism, I think the Harpoon is planned to do that.
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  • BagasBagas Senior
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    It sounds cool, the Aoe attack could be his special...
    Or he could like pull enemies with his anchor... like some chars in Mobas...
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