Dump files with wrong dates?

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So lately PVKII has been crashing quite a bit when I least expect it to happen. The second-to-last one happened some days ago where the mod crashed on me after doing a twitchy movement, rolling or performing a special I can't remember which one, as HK in an Island server. The last one happened last night in SBP's randomizer server where the mod crashes right after I activate the berserker special as a Skirmisher.
They're all typical ways to crash, but here's the thing: the crash dump files aren't there, only not exactly. To put it simple, I have a bunch of crash dumps which creation dates are dated as old as a week ago, January 3rd. However, I don't recall getting any kind of crashes when I played PVKII during last week. Either Steam's crash dump processing is broken (lol), or my OS is the culprate.
So yeah, if anyone know what's happening, It'll be much appreciated.



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    Spirrwell wrote:

    As of right now, there are a couple of crash on exit problems.

    That's from the Beta Tester thread I created. That was a little after the 3rd, however public build can crash on exit as well sometimes and you may not even know it. Also if you get an error message, that should also mean a crash dump was generated. If you're crashing and the crash dump doesn't exist in the Steam dumps folder, check C:\Users\YOURUSERNAMEHERE\AppData\Local\CrashDumps

    Or whatever drive your Windows install is located. You'll want the username you were using on the computer when you crashed. Also note AppData is a hidden folder. If it doesn't exist there, that means a crash dump wasn't created at all.



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