Happy Holidays, Autumn Recap & Xmas Map Update!

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Happy Holidays everyone!

Autumn Recap
Here are a few things we have been working on during the Autumn months. We have been doing more polish on animations and hope to show those off soon thanks to Lord B and our coders Felis and Spirrwell!

From all of us on the PVKII Teams and Octoshark Studios, have a happy holidays, and we'll see you soon celebrating 10 years of PVKII with a $50 Steambucks giveaway contest.

Glacier Progress
Click here to view more Glacier progress images!


Cara Optimization & Changes


Sandstorm Model & Texture Changes

A Frostbite Christmas

Mini Xmas Update Changelog

A Frostbite Christmas
tw_frostbite limited xmas edition available until next update. Server owners please update your servers!
- Large gifts to jump on and shoot from, and other models from mrkit4423
- Kick-able and destructible Christmas trees and other fun winter props from Progsys
- Movable sledges from The Giblets of Jesus

Everything has its beginning, hop aboard the grogboat!  
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    Happy holidays, everyone!


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    Christmas? Santa Clause?

    Weakling traditions.

    Father Frost have mercy on you, because he won't.
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    Your soul cannot be saved.
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    I didn't know about the Sandstorm texture changes but they look really decent!
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