Knights should get a Byzantine class!

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Hello all!

I have had this idea for a while actually, and I think it would be really cool instead of having a generic western European cast of knightly fellows...
  • Heavy Knight = generic "Black Knight" inspired character (not that generic is a bad thing, hes good that way)
  • Archer = English medieval stereotype
  • MAA = The french soldiers in The Holy Grail

I mean... how many more Knight stereotypes will they get? I feel like Lord will be pushing it.

Now, enter the Byzantines!
The Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire was the rump state of the Roman empire of Antiquity, originally born of the emperor Diocletian's reforms which effectually made empire into two states.

After Western Rome's fall to Germanic tribes in the Volkswunderung, the Eastern Roman empire was very much intact, having not suffered the same amount of invasion and economic despair. This empire was very Christian (state religion, like in most Western European states at the time) like Western Europe, until its fall in 1453 one thousand years later. They had a state and culture that was most similar to the Europeans west of them.

Now I know the main criticism will probably be something like "Byzantines did not have knights." BUT THEY DID! Even ancient Rome had the Equestrian class. Militarily, the Byzantines certainly had nobles who both governed over land and fought in wars. Hell, many historians say Western Europe got the idea for knights from Byzantine Cataphracts (heavy armored horseman.)

Artwork from the time makes the Byzantines look just as bad ass as Western European knights, so aesthetics certainly is not an issue. But more importantly I think a Byzantine class would be quite refreshing for the knights, and it would be a nice nod to all us history nerds out there image' />

Stone relief of a Byzantine Soldier

Byzantine horseman chasing off Saracens as in Strategikon


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    PVK2 doesn't aim for realism though, simple as that :)

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    PVK2 doesn't aim for realism though, simple as that :)

    Wouldn't it be less realistic to have a Byzantine fighting alongside the Knights...?

    And even so I don't think its about realism so much as variety
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    I'd say it's less of a realism problem and more a question of what class would be styled that way. I mean, there's already an awesome-looking model for the Lord and an equally awesome piece of concept art for the Assassin; both of them in a western European style. The last remaining potential class is the Cleric, and I don't really see him being anything but a regular monk. Now, I obviously know nothing about the thought process of the PVKII team, but I don't really see how any of those classes could be made into a Byzantine warrior (except maybe the Lord, but it would be a shame to let that awesome model go to waste) and I don't believe there is any new gameplay niche that could be filled by a Byzantine soldier.

    It's not a bad idea, but I don't really see it happening.
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    Here's an idea; How about a Byzantine-Knight skin pack, or a Byzantine-architecture themed map, Eh? I'm no mapper or skin creator, but I'm sure someone can do you justice. ;)
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    Here's an idea; How about a Byzantine-Knight skin pack, or a Byzantine-architecture themed map, Eh? I'm no mapper or skin creator, but I'm sure someone can do you justice. ;)

    If a modeller is willing, I'm all in on texturing it.
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    Byzantine-architecture themed map i can probably work on, but can't promise for it to be finished. As for your idea i think it's not bad at all, i just feel like the ideas for the classes that the team have chosen just fit nicely and already have an idea of how to get them going so, seeing it as a custom model sure thing but as Official i don't think so.
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