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I was a bit bored, so I wanted to make "lore" for PVKII, because why not?
I mean, I'm sure everyone's gonna be interested in who the hell are the Order of the Blood Rose, why is Blackbeard's Crew in here and who are the (upcoming) Frostlings, so why not?

This isn't exactly a lore for PVKII, not official and not even unofficial actually. It's just an "Alternative". It serves to help you keep in pace as to why these kind of people, creatures and such exist, because as you know, I make a lot of skins/textures.

The Testudo Cohort.
A group of mercenaries who appear to be leaderless or led by the 'Centurios'.
The group is well-known for three features; Their faction colour (Bronze/Gold and Red), their strict rules and their 'Romanesque' attitude.
Influenced by tactics of the Roman Senate and Empire, especially of Cincinnatus and Julius Gaius Caesar.
Despite the 'Roman' attitude, most of the group's ideology is based on Progress, even 'extreme', this is obvious for the fact that women are warrior-members, even encouraged to be so, in the group itself and the fact that nearly all members are of different ethnics.

Who made it? It was made by various people, most of them are the 'Antiqua Centurios', their names are never known until you join them or directly ask a cultured member.

How was it made? The idea was scientific; a group of mercenaries who learned everything regarding life and world. One of the best known trainings are learning the layout of a terrain, especially ones no other men conquered/explored, this would give them a huger advantage compared to their enemies.
The group is better known for offering mercenary services and especially arms dealing to various factions.

Who can join this group? Virtually anybody.

Do they have a symbol? Despite the name, they never had any proper symbol except for 'practical' reasons. The 'default' symbol is a red shield with gold wings, the 'Centurios' use a symbol of a black skull with the Centurion helmet.

What is special about The Testudo Cohort? They are a divided group of mercenaries that have common goals despite the huge differences each have.
A member can be of any ethic, any orientation, etc.

Are there any rumours about them? It is said that the group is actually made and controlled by 'Ishmael the Inducer'. This may even be true, as Bourael Zin'ko is a proud member of The Testudo Cohort, although not a true 'direct affiliate' and plays more in part as the advisor than a leader.

Order of the Blood Rose.
A separatist sect of the "Knights" faction. Even more so brutal and religious than the Knights. Although they are allies with the Knights themselves, they tend to be indifferent, apathetic and sometimes even plain rude.
Rejecting the purpose of the Knights, them being more into defense than offense, the Order of the Blood Rose strives for a more brutal method to kill (better yet torture) their enemies than just go purely for defense, for that they mix defense with offense, tending more to offense.

Who made it? A Lord named "Sir Rodinald of Crestia".

How was it made? By an artificer/prophet/trickster named "Ishmael the Inducer". While the Lord was riding his horse on the road, "Ishmael the Inducer" was standing in the way. They entered into a short chat, where Ishmael's word was just "I know you don't like how the Knights are right now. Then get to it." (NOTE: Full transcription on the bottom)

Why was it made? Lord "Sir Rodinald of Crestia" got tired of the pathetic equipment, training and even dedication that the Knights offer and give, relying instead of his own. He is a well-known general, almost like a father to his men, yet his ways were brutal, not as much as for some Pirates and Vikings but enough to be almost exiled from the Knights seven times. Sir Rodinald wanted all his men to have the best equipment possible, and to be the most brutish men they can be while still keeping knightly traditions.

How was this symbol made? When the mentioned Lord was carrying a White Rose for a noble lady, he got ambushed by assassins who were working with pirates. 5 against 1, he fought valiantly but got hit, his blood hit upon this white rose and it became encased in red blood. In the brink of death, he thought he heard what was the voice of a Goddess, and then he understood that his mission was this; To honour the very thing that makes us weak, that is the blood.

They're religious, to whom? Sir Rodinald interprets the Goddess she spoke to him as "The Lady of the Blood Rose". She is symbolised as a noble dame wearing a white dress drenched in blood, with always a Blood Rose in her hands. As seen on a painting, around the background there is a bloodshed going on, in which the Lady just ignores it, standing in a pose that seems to be "deep praying" or "deep meditation".

How do members of the Blood Rose look like? As heavily armoured and equipped brutes, not a single weapon is left out for them. Sadly, the Blood Rose cannot provide all, so they also seek for extreme loyalty.
The Brute is a best example. A lowly peasant who gets into fights constantly and always wins? Clearly he loves a fight and is eager to get blood on his hands whichever way. Even though he is only a peasant, he is fit for the Blood Rose due to his brutality and supposed loyalty. Yet the Blood Rose cannot provide him enough equipment, this he doesn't mind.

The best of the Blood Rose are the Vindicators. Heavily armoured vanguards equipped with the strongest shield and strongest weaponry, they're fit to last and fit to make the kill. Most of them are veterans, they will even have brushes and scars on their faces, hidden by their golden helmets, either just to prove themselves they're strong or they clearly had no time for "healing" and just kept fighting on.

Sir Rodinald notes that one of the faults the Archers have is that they are not even equipped for melee or any kind of protection. For this case, he removed the Archers and instead put the Crossbowman, sometimes confused as a rich Man-At-Arms. Armoured with chainmail and plate, equipped with the strongest weaponry any archer can have, they're not just deathly at range but also at melee.

What are the other specialities of the Blood Rose? Not all Vindicators are the same, there are those called "Venerated Vindicators", who wear Gold Crowns or even Gold Eagle helmets and got the strongest armour possible. They have been trained to be so tough, it is thought that their skin is scarred by their own training. They tend to be the ones who carry the Trinket, they can also command other Vindicators and have them as their own bodyguards as such.

What is their symbol, team colour, etc? Their symbol is pretty much your average "Red Rose", still with the root. It is mostly coloured gold to serve as symbols on metal. They use "Blood Red" as their primary colour and "Gold" as secondary. They try their best to avoid blue, as this is the colour of "Knights" and they heavily detest them.

The Frostlings of the Covenant of the Frost Fang.
Probably one of the strangest factions you'll ever find in PVKII. The Frostlings are a tribe of magical Viking-oriented creatures found in the deepest north. They look like humans, but got frost skin and glowing blue eyes instead. For the Covenant of the Frost Fang, they actually got serpentine eyes and sharp razorteeth instead.
As nomads, monsters and cultists of the Frost Fang, they try to avoid any human contact until the Covenant of the Frost Fang was made. Now, they will try their best to rule upon the humans.

Who made it? It is unknown who, how or why the Covenant of the Frost Fang was made. A Historian called "Bourael Zin'ko" has put a theory that this group was actually made by "Ishmael the Inducer", although completely indirectly so, yet purely intentional. According to Bourael, Ishmael the Inducer came upon a Frostling Tribe led by "Ehekit the Master". With a Frost Fang in Ishmael's hand, he introduced himself, and during a lengthy talk, while Ehekit tried to attack him, the Frost Fang bit him right in the heart. Ehekit became corrupted from the poison and became Ishmael's "slave of war", now leading the ever growing army of the Covenant of the Frost Fang.
Even though this seems plausible, Bourael himself is sceptic of his own theory, instead thinking that in the end, it was not that Ishmael poisoned him and turned him his "slave of war", instead, he made Ehekit be fascinated by the properties that this creature, "Frost Fang" has, as well as the many facts that Ehekit himself wants his tribe to strive and be noticed, not be considered as monsters and be hunted and shunned as so.

What is their exact purpose? Considering they are from the north and are invading cold areas, they might be taking territory to be considered as theirs. No longer they are nomadic and discreet.
Although it is not rare to see a Frostling band from other areas, this could be that they are indeed trying to completely dominate the area, whichever way possible and wherever they go.
Their true purpose seems to be out of revenge, for the bad treatment the Frostlings have been having for a long time, though considering most of these Frostlings are of the Covenant of the Frost Fang, it is unsure if this is actually the purpose of all Frostlings or only of that covenant.

How was the symbol made? When the Frostlings were evolving to be somewhat serpentine like (as seen on their eyes and fangs instead of teeth), the dangerous creatures known as "Frost Fang" were easily adapting to them, even becoming their pets. Those who accepted it became to regard the Frost Fang as a symbol of their people. (Almost similar to how Egyptians loved Cats so much, they used them in symbols)

How are these members of the Covenant of the Frost Fang? They are considered as "Noble Savages"...At least for the Frostlings. The Covenant of the Frost Fang are complete brutal savages who seem to actually have a good level of organization, unless there is no "Forefather" present.
These Frostlings rely on their own weaponry, even of their still-human Viking ancestors, wearing weapons made out of a chilling ice and sometimes even armour either frosted-over from their own dead Viking ancestors, made out of ice or even assimilated from enemies. Frostlings are true brutish, warrior-scavengers. The Covenant of the Frost Fang are even worse, as they tend to use their evolved sharpteeth to stab right into an enemy, creating the most dangerous frostbite possible. The Covenant of the Frost Fang are generally not bloodsuckers or cannibals, though there are some that are, especially the "Barbarians", they even do it in public and in the middle of the battle. Frostling Forefathers got even stronger bites, they are even able to turn an enemy into a thrall and, given a long time, expose and special method, turn into another member of the Covenant of the Frost Fang, as a Frostling.

The Frostling Barbarian is the most brutish kind of Frostling (at least those of the Covenant of the Frost Fang) you'll ever find. They wear nothing at all except trophies scavenged from enemies, such as the head of an Arctic Wolf, the pants of any lowly peasant, the bracers of a slave he had eaten, etc.
The Frostling Raider might be the least brutish of all, but is still a brute enough. Mostly wearing the equipment of his Viking ancestors, this Frostling would rather go with what he has than keep scavenging. Better armoured than the Barbarian, he is not to be considered a "turtle", as he is dangerous in any way.
Frostling Forefather, the eldest and wisest of all Frostlings. Turned to the Covenant of the Frost Fang, they became even more so dangerous and deranged. Using an ice-spear and magical frost shield combined with "Frostbite", these creatures will make you hope that you'll die quickly and not get bitten by them, as the frostbite is excruatingly painful and you can be turned into a Frostling with that.

How is this exactly a "Covenant"? It is a Covenant as this is actually a union of Frostlings with the Cultists of the Frost Fang. It is thought that Ehekit is the main leader, but for the Frostlings. It is unknown who is the true leader "High Priest" of this covenant. It is also not known much about who truly are the Cultists, it's assumed that they are just transformed Frostlings.

Are Frostlings and Covenant of the Frost Fang the same? Literally and scholarly, no, but you can call them as any of those. Frostlings are different of the Covenant of the Frost Fang, as they're simply Frostling and don't belong to it. But ever since the Covenant was made, most of the Frostlings belong to it and it's hard to see an independent one, even though there are many.

What is their symbol, team colour, etc? Their symbol is the Frost Fang. They sometimes use green just like Vikings, but very rarely so. Their main colour is "frost blue" and "cyan".

Glyphites, The Legendary Empire of Su'ulthem'ar.
The "Glyphites" is only a slang name. It is unknown who they really are, except for the fact that some old lore may suggest they're "Su'ulthem'ar", a well-known empire, best know for its originating stories, hence it is Legendary.
Su'ulthem'ar was a loved Empire, as it was told in the many ears of children as stories. Always so full of "good endings".
What is known in Su'ulthem'ar is that it was a vast, extremely rich empire, very open-minded for its time and fond of magic and technology. The priests were merely scientists, and all the Knights were true heroes.

Who made it? Nobody knows at all, not even Bourael Zin'ko. From the many stories told by storytellers, it is thought that it was made by a simple caveman who started to venture into the sands, and with a stick he beat his foes, every time he did he made a mark. These marks became the symbols that wear the so-called 'Glyphites'.
This "simple caveman", as said before, fought many enemies in his path, one being a terrible "Scorpion King", who was indeed Half-Scorpion Half-Man. With his blood of purple he got his white clothes soaked, then became the true main colour.

This "Scorpion King" was a hoarding miner, he spend years collecting gold non-stop, until his end came...The youngman tried his best to bring it back to his village, and he was successful!
Years go and go, the "simple caveman"'s village becomes a true metropolis, an Empire. With so much gold to spare, they spend it the best they could, even on unnecessary things such as making utensils out of it.

To venerate the mighty Caveman-turned-Emperor, everyone started to use Black, the colour of his skin. Purple, for the mighty beast that he killed and brought prosperity to all.

What are they best known for exactly? Their best known feature in term of aspects is how they were so fond of symbolism, particularly of their own. Symbolism is seen nearly everywhere, sometimes even in their own bodies despite not having equipment for "tattoos". Their equipment was based on "Black & White", with Black being mostly used on armour, no matter what was done their armour always looked shiny and reflective, even from many instances of battles.
They use the truest of gold, magically imbued to be made so it's useful, weightless (at least weights nearly as much as steel) and practical.
They're also fond of "Purple", their true main colour.

Are they real? What happened to them? According to many Historians, the "Glyphites", or the Empire of Su'ulthem'ar, is only a thing of legends, epics and stories. It is highly unlikely that they are real.
As of late, there have been reports of some kind of architecture that looks very old, but may just be relatively new.
There were even buildings spotted with gold that never corroded in any way.
Some, especially the high-ranking veterans and Heroes, report of ghostly sights, dismissing all as just "Veteran Fatigue". When they do tell their story, they always mention eyes that glow even in the day, with reflections of what would be their fate.

The Voidknight Congregation, 'Darknuts'.
The Voidknight Congregation, also known as "The Darknuts", is a mysterious group of humanoid golem-like creatures that seem to be remnant parts of the Glyphites.
Their name "Darknut" comes from 'Ishmael the Inducer' out of complete ridicule since, as Bourael Zin'ko quotes him, "These guys are as dark as my nuts, they must be Darknuts."
The Voidknight Congregation use black-and-gold patterns for their heavy platemail armour, very similar or even identical to those of the Glyphites, with many symbols used by Glyphite emperors.

Who made it? Evidence heavilly suggests that these are creations of the 'Glyphites'.
They appear to be humanoid golem-like creatures, made for purposes unknown.

What are even their purpose? One theory says the purpose of these creatures was of a forgotten plan by the Glyphites to conquer the whole world without taking any human/living casualties.
Another is that these ARE the real Glyphites, or at least their former selves, their souls being merged into them. They fight everything they see out of rage, out of jealousy or even out of confusion.

Where did they appear first? They appeared during the "War of the Roses" event.
Their appearance was a complete surprise, appearing out of nowhere while turning the tides of battle, making even the mighty Blood Rose lose and the daring Frostlings retreat.
This made the Order of the Blood Rose and the Knights unite against them, which proved futile until the Voidknights suddenly started to disappear, little by little.

What kind of equipment to they even wear? One that is either, directly derived from the Glyphites, made by the Glyphites or even taken by the Glyphites.
They tend to wear Platemail, Chainmail and Scalemail, all of high-quality and little to no visibility of wear. Their platemail and chainmail is always black, while their scalemail may be silver or gold.
All their armour is decorated with strange runes, glyphs and symbols of a beautiful Gold colour, these are confirmed to be of Glyphite origin.
They also wear dull-red clothing as well as some beige clothing with symbols of various colours, this is somewhat reminiscent of the Glyphites, although they would wear purple and have even more complex colours.

Are they found anywhere else? Are they still active/alive? Rumours keep on spreading all over the world about these "Darknuts".
Their tactics seem to be basic on brutal force and magic; they will teleport anywhere they want and start a 'hub' in there, from it come more of the Voidknights.
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    OTHER LORE (Character, Location, etc)
    Bourael Zin'ko
    Who is he? Bourael Zin'ko, used to be just a petty journeyman of a shoemaker, now a very famous Historian. Started up being a Historian when he kept writing what he saw on a shoe, considering the master saw it, he got tired of it and threw him out, but not without good intentions as he even helped him get into another trainee.

    What is he famous for? After making history for quite some time, Bourael Zin'ko became fascinated with this strange individual known as "Ishmael", whom he afterwards gave him the title "The Inducer". For this reason, Bourael Zin'ko became famous for being the historian of Ishmael the Inducer.

    What's his personality? A mute individual, only talks when needs to, hardly if ever shows emotion but actually has it, he tends to be "stone-faced" even if he's right in front of his top favourite comedies. Quoteth a well-known acquaintance, Admiral Ryan, "He laughs from the inside while outside he tries to look like he never laughs, not even a smile!"

    Where is he from? A strange place around the deserts. He is rather soft-skinned for his kind though. Zin'ko means "Neutral Stance".

    It is thought that Bourael Zin'ko actually knows Ishmael the Inducer well, hence why he makes very plausible theories and descriptions about him. Although this may not be true, as Ishmael hardly if ever even makes any hint at all about Bourael Zin'ko.

    Sir Rodinald of Crestia.
    Who is he? Sir Rodinald of Crestia is a famous Lord-Knight of the Knights' faction, very famous for his extreme courage and very infamous for his brutal ways. He is mostly a "pragmatic" man. A lot of the soldiers loved him, considered him as a father because of his attitude. Even though he is brutish, he understands "brute force" as something people want, not need, so he uses that the best he can. Instead of relying on feeble men that don't want to be in the battle, he brings up a company of men who truly fight not necessarily for him but for the thick of the battle, in which then he can win thanks to these men's eagerness to fight.

    He was almost exiled from the Knights faction, seven times, all because of his methods. When Sir Rodinald of Crestia got tired of this attitude he's been getting from the Knights, he officially declared himself out of the faction and formed his own, with a lot of the soldiers from the Knights joining him.

    Sir Rodinald is truly a "Father to his Men". One event, where an assault to a Vikings' village was failed, Sir Rodinald hid himself in his tent mourning the loss of his men, who were only 3 who died.

    Ehekit the Master
    Who is he? A well-known Frostling Leader of a small, war-oriented tribe.
    He was the Diplomatic Ruler of all the Frostlings until these were separated.

    Is he famous for anything? He is named "The Master" for the fact that he was the only Frostling who was able to lead a small tribe into battle and survive, with great skills reminiscent of a "beastmaster", as the Frostlings are believed to be beasts and monsters. This is a title Ehekit truly detests.
    When he joined the Covenant of the Frost Fang (or formed, according to some), he was the artificer of the symbol. Related to the symbol, skeptics actually disagree that it was Ehekit who made it, instead, it was Ishmael the Inducer, he merely forced Ehekit to use it. Boureal argues that Ehekit was truly the artificer, yet Ishmael was the "last piece" to make it work.

    What's his personality? Ehekit is to be defined as Boureal would define it so; "Cold & Hot". Ehekit the Master is well known for his stoicism combined with a rather controlled desire to go berserk. Ever since he became a leader of the Covenant of the Frost Fang, he has pretty much lost personality, appearing completely cold while also enraged from the deepest inside.

    Is he well-known as of now? No, Ehekit is rarely seen, but whenever he is visible, he leads his army with great desire and passion. Boureal would love to meet Ehekit, despite Ehekit being considered extremely dangerous, deranged and anti-social.

    Captain D'Sparryl
    Who is he? One of the most infamous Pirate Captains to have ever lived. Only known by his name thanks to the poems he leaves in his plunders.

    What is he exactly infamous for? For his crew, "The Crescent Moon". This crew was well-known for only attacking ships when the crescent moon was visible. When there is no crescent moon, the crew members just live a normal life, without anybody knowing of that until now.

    What's his personality? He was a brilliant poet, as well as an eccentric in terms of Death. Each time he plunders, he'd make sure there is a group of people who want to die (normally it would be the honourable Knights and Vikings) and another group of those who still desire to live. Those who want to die will be either instantly killed by him or left of in the fate of his own crew members.
    In terms of being a brilliant poet, he always left a poem for the ships (and even villages) he plundered, mostly related to how he can't find the true love of his life or the true purpose of so, yet despite all that he still strives for it, for something.
    ...And it could be that he finally found it.

    What happened to him? Is he dead? Dead, resurrected as a Spectral, now the de facto leader of the Bluemoon Spectrals.

    Nik'ro the Necromancer
    Who is he? More like who is IT. Nik'ro is one of the Glyphites, a Su'ulthem'aran, but even for them he's an outcast. Worse yet, knowing Necromancy is highly shunned in Su'ulthem'aran (despite not being illegal).
    Even as a Necromancer, his own Necromancer companions hate him. He is virtually an outcast to everything.

    Weren't the Glyphites long gone? Not exactly. They have only disappeared and only a very small trace remains.

    What is even his purpose? From what Nik'ro says himself, it is to eliminate all life or/and get it to obey the "Code of the Death".

    Ishmael the Inducer.
    Who is Ishmael the Inducer? Even the "prophets" ask this. It is unknown who Ishmael the Inducer truly is. Nobody knows him at all, besides, it seems that many people refer as him.
    It is thought that Ishmael the Inducer is actually a trickster God, who believes that the whole world is his and he can do whatever he wants with it.
    But because of how weak he is, he can't, so he relies on humans and other sentient creatures to do his bidding.

    According to historian "Bourael Zin'ko", that is not the case. He is very unsure if he is a God or not, but considering the logged speeches of Ishmael, it seems that he hates Gods so much he'd rather have them dead, which could give both a hint that he wants to kill them so he's the only one or he only wants to kill them because he thinks himself as the only true God.
    He argues that he is not weak, instead, very strong, even for a God. As it is actually easy for a God, especially of the Knights', to make them do his bidding, which is not so for Ishmael.
    Ishmael must rely on everything for his "victims" to become his "allies", if they are even allies. Ishmael seems to have no allies whatsoever, instead, "slaves of war" as Bourael is sure that Ishmael would love to call them.
    Ishmael doesn't even use charisma, blackmail or "true persuasion" to get his subjects, he only uses his own will and complete philosophy. (For this, it is yet another reason why he is nicknamed "The Inducer")

    Why is he named "Ishmael the Inducer"? This "Creature" calls himself as Ishmael, "The Inducer" is a title given by the famous historian "Bourael Zin'ko", for the fact that most of his success was simply by persuading people, hence he is, quoteth Bourael himself; "Ishmael, the True Bastard of Earth, Sugar of Ladies, The One Inducer of Everything."

    How does "Ishmael the Inducer" look like? For ladies, he might be a very tall and extremely handsome (even though he considers himself as very ugly, some females even say it so but that's what makes him handsome) who, while looking like a complete ruffian, he's the biggest gentleman there is. Most females would even have any kind of relationship with him in just a second.

    According to those who saw him, such as Sir Rodinald of Crestia, he is tall, very uncanny and has a very dark skin complexion. He also seems to be muscular and bulky, but also somewhat obese, this he is not sure about. He was wearing skins and fur of death animals during his meeting.
    It is unknown what was Ishmael the Inducer wearing during his campaign with the Frostlings.

    Where is Crestia? Located near where "lts_town" is at. "tw_gazbar" takes place in there.

    What/How is Crestia? A beautiful city, birthplace of Sir Rodinald of Crestia and the Order of the Blood Rose. This is essentially the Order of the Blood Rose's headquarters. Even before the Blood Rose was born, it was heavily decorated with statues of females, thorns with roses of many colours and fountains. It is heavily fortified after the Blood Rose took over.

    Bluemoon Ocean.
    Where is Bluemoon Ocean? Unknown, those who return only give the strangest maps, while those who go there mostly disappear.
    With the latest information, it is thought that they come from an area that is far away from "bt_island" itself.

    What/How is Bluemoon Ocean? The most beautiful Ocean anyone could travel, during the night. Although traveling this ocean at night is also extremely dangerous. Not just night, but at day too, though they got their own reasons.
    At day, it's dangerous to travel simply because the low-level of the sea will hit the rift, so transversing through it will mostly wreck the ship.
    At night, disappearances occur and those who return never come sane.

    It is unknown as to why, since traveling the Bluemoon Ocean at night was relatively safe, especially knowing the moonlight there is very bright.
    But thanks to the more daring travelers, it has now become known that the Bluemoon Ocean is cursed.
    The curse is aptly named as "Curse of the Bluemoon". Those cursed by the Bluemoon become the Bluemoon Spectrals, they are mostly pirates who had lost their lives in order to serve Nik'ro the Necromancer, for whatever purposes.

    Empire of Su'ulthem'ar.
    Where is the Empire of Su'ulthem'ar? As of now, in our minds. As the story tells, it's in a vast gigantic desert, sunken beneath it from a hundred metres.

    What/How is the Empire of su'ulthem'ar? The greatest empire to have ever been told. Truly Legendary.
    It was a gigantic metropolis, very open for its time, with a progressive desire for technology and magic. The city was well-known for its extreme richness, it was thought that the poor there were only poor for true desire to be so than for whatever other reasons.
    Not much else is known about it.

    The War of the Roses
    What was this? A vast major war between The Order of the Blood Rose, the Knights and the Frostlings, with some small division of plundering Vikings and invading Pirates, as well as "Darknuts".

    How did it happen? The constant conflict between the Order of the Blood Rose and the Knights finally came to a battle, from just a bar fight (Blood Rose knights were celebrating the victory of the invading forces after the events in "Gaz Bar") to a full fight in the city, and finally into battlefields across many locations. While these fights were breaking out, the Frostlings were already slowly raising, deterriating the Knights and finally getting into the Blood Rose. Meanwhile, as usual, there were many small parties of Pirates and Vikings ready to do whatever they could to get their riches.

    After some longer fights, there was a new "faction", called "Darknuts".
    These "Darknuts" completely changed the course of this war, making it so the Frostlings would retreat and the Order of the Blood Rose and Knights temporarilly unite to fight against them.

    How was the result going on? The Order of the Blood Rose were easily winning against the Knights and any other division of Pirates and Vikings. Yet, when the Frostlings came, the Knights and Blood Rose were in an even match, with even reports that Blood Rose lost to Pirates and Vikings 7 times, despite never losing to them before, all because of the Frostlings' coming.
    When the "Darknuts" came, the whole war just mutated; Blood Rose was losing more casualties than it could sustain, the Knights were simply losing without any chance and the Frostling fled back to fight on other lands away from the "Darknuts". Of course, Pirates and Vikings remained, their greed for riches is unbeatable.

    With the coming of these "Darknuts", the Order of the Blood Rose and the Knights temporarilly united to fight against them with all they had.
    With the Blood Rose's great tactics and offense and the Knights' excellent strategy and defense, both these factions were able to defend against them and finally drive them off

    What happened to the "Darknuts" afterwards? What would be better to ask is, just how did they disappear? It seemed that after some period, the Darknuts simply got into circles, and suddenly kept disappearing, by what appears to be evaporating or just "popping".
    Nevertheless, the two united factions considered this a victory, and promised to try their best to keep away from any other conflict.

    Is there even any information as to why these "Darknuts" appeared or how? Sir Rodinald of Crestia himself says that these beings simply appeared out of nowhere, without any sign from where at all.
    Their reason is not even known, only that they fought everything they saw except themselves and they were utterly stoic, they acted a lot more like automatons than humans, despite sometimes acting like humans.
    Best described by Sir Rodinald; "These automatons acted like true Knights, truly honourbond and without any intention to lose. They were very strong, a great enemy, but in no way expected at all."

    The Fellowship of Rainbows
    Who are they? A group of extravagant merchants that generally deal in armoury from far countries or even from 'different universes'.

    Who are all of them, individually? They are...

    Armasdinicuus of Cillidoryc
    Maklio'del-i of Remewd
    Do'z of Cirdead-Ardead

    Mak'likdelikan-xium of Ssagalz

    What are all these countries, places or 'universes' specifically?

    Cillidoryc is a closed city complex that deals primarily in mercantilism and trading, the city is well-known for offering Traditionalism, for that reason, most of the 'extravagant' weapons here are rather familiar yet better in quality than any other smith. They are also known for being able to make the most beautiful flamboyant clothing at a very fast speed.

    Remewd was a huge mining complex that soon enough became into a gigantic underground city complex. Unlike Cillidoryc, this city is open for everybody, yet it is extremely dangerous to be there as there is no just authority control in the vicinity. Besides, many parts of Remewd have not even been explored, some say the abandoned parts of the city itself are merely forgotten cities. They are well-known for making nearly-everything made out of Brass & Bronze, as the mining complex has a near-unlimited supply of copper, iron, carbon and zinc. Most inhabitants have a quick desire of working at the mines just to get utensils to sell for a very high price.

    Cirdead-Ardead is a warring state of two countries from the 'Underworld' universe. Yet the strangeness is in the fact that, despite a bloody war going on, the citizen inhabitants of both cities seem to enjoy eachother's companies incredibly well. Their weaponry is well-known for being otherwordly, somewhat demonic. The inhabitants of Cirdead-Ardead welcome strangers, but not before they are tortured as that's their form of greeting.

    Ssagalz is a strange universe where half-serpent men live. Their world is covered with volatile crystals that are dangerous to humans due to being somewhat poisonous. With the terrible life the Ssagalz inhabitants have to live with, they wanted to make a portal into Earth, yet the expedition only let one person out, Mak'likdelikan-xium. The crystals in their homeworld are a good resource for weaponry and sometimes even armor, for this reason, the people of Earth use Mak'likdelikan-xium (Who had his name shortened to Mak) as their main smith for crystal-based weaponry.

    What is the story behind all these merchants?

    Armasdinicuus of Cillidoryc is a world-renowned merchant of Cillidoryc, he trades in weaponry and armor for mercenaries, knights, soldiers and alike. He's known to be wearing a very flamboyant outfit, making him be easily spot. He's very gentle and charismatic, helping all customers get the best prices for his wares.
    He tends to be in service of Knight Orders, for this reason most of his weaponry can be seen on a lot of Knight Orders, including the Order of the Blood Rose.

    Maklras of Remewd is a fair-skinned man (for a Remewd inhabitant) who travels around the world looking for ways to trade, sell or even give out his wares, either to individual persons or even a vast majority of a group. His wares are famous for being purely made out of Brass & Bronze.
    He sells his ware to nearly everybody he may come across to, but since he started his march to the north, most of the vikings got his wares more than anybody else.
    He is known to have a weird speech impediment, which makes his voice sound mechanic and somewhat lazily childish.

    Do'z of Cirdead-Ardead is a demon-looking man who comes across to potential buyers from the shadows, giving out prominent leaders of a group his wares. Most of the wares that he has are given, some are only sold when people see him. His life in Cirdead-Ardead was a living hell, for the niceness of the citizen's disgusted him so much that he wanted to leave, telling the story of his land to everybody in a public place behind curtains to avoid detection.

    Mak'likdelikan-xium of Ssagalz, or as it is said by terrans in short, Mak, is the only half-serpent man who was able to pass through his world to Earth. He was quickly enslaved and even "studied". Being able to easily assimilate human language, he was able to convince humans that he's a great smith able to make incredible weaponry for everybody.
    After his 'job' was done, he decided to go reside in an abandoned flying village, away from human eyes. Most of his wares are incredibly rare that only a few prominent members of factions use.

    Why is it even called "The Fellowship of Rainbows"?

    It's because of Armasdinicuus of Cillidoryc.
    His desire to travel and meet other kind of merchants made him be a good friend with all of them, he decided to make a common group of like-minded individuals.
    Considering he was able to meet even Do'z and Mak, this is only further proof of Armasdinicuus' charisma.
    With the Fellowship of Rainbows, Armasdinicuus can easily catch up with any trader in the group to get wares from his inventory. Even if Mak is in "hiding", his wares are sold out by Armasdinicuus.

    Is there anything symbollic in the name that is "The Fellowship of Rainbows"?

    Yes, for one, Armasdinicuus' clothing is very diverse in colour.
    But the true symbolism from the name comes through the fact that all weapons have some kind of uniqueness to them.
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    [Order of the Blood Rose]
    Sir Rodinald of Crestia's Unexpected Meeting with Ishmael the Inducer.

    Sir Rodinald of Crestia was riding his horse back to Crestia, to meet up with a noble Lady who just got his attention for a kingly-but-not-so feast.
    While travelling this road, Sir Rodinald noticed a figure in the distance. Then he saw a man. He looked like a giant, he wore fur only a brute would, he had the strangest smile he could see, even from this distance!
    Approaching, cautiously but still with his weapon sheathed, this man who had a pose of his hands behind standing ready started to make a grin...

    Ishmael the Inducer; "A Lord who carries a Rose. A man of your reputation would only mean that this is for a wonderful Lady. Lucky or not, I make no opinions."
    Sir Rodinald; "And who may thee be, stranger? Who art thou, who is tall like a giant yet speaks like a man? Who art thou, who carries dead animals and kills them with no respect?"
    Ishmael the Inducer; "Sir Rodinald, let us keep being known as such, I am a Stranger and you are Sir Rodinald of Crestia."
    Sir Rodinald responds calmly; "What dost thou wish of me, stranger?"
    Ishmael the Inducer; "Sir Rodinald, you look at yourself and just wonder why nobody...Let's say 'trusts' you. Why do you not question?"
    Sir Rodinald says so, while getting off his horse rather hastily so; "That is God's grace, how dare you!"
    Ishmael the Inducer; "Sir Rodinald, God is dead. Truth or not, I don't care, neither should you. What you should care about is yourself."

    Sir Rodinald wrathfully says it so, while unsheathing his sword and eager to "defend his honour"; "How dare you spew such blasphemy in front of me! ME! The true follower of God! AT ARMS!"
    Ishmael the Inducer, still remaining completely calm; "Oh boy, here we go with Knights and their tendency to go wrathful when you mention God, how great. Now listen, the faction you are with, they're all fools, and you know it. They tried everything to, as they say, make sure you follow the word of God and the Order. These are all empty values, something like sugar will be, I'm sure."
    Sir Rodinald gets spooked; "Ishmael the Inducer...Every creature on Earth knows about you and your sugar, fiend!"
    Ishmael the Inducer put his hands on his hips, making a power pose and says; "My sugar, dear Lord? Only females know about my sugar!"
    Sir Rodinald is still very eager to fight; "I hope thou know about last words and have some on thee, fiend!"
    Ishmael the Inducer; "A fight? How lovely. Yes, I like it. But come now, Lord, there is no need to fight me, be it for fun or to keep your honour, if that's what you want to do. Listen, Sir Rodinald of Crestia, I am here to dare you to listen to me. It doesn't even matter why you want to, for the Grace of God, for your own Good, for the honour of keeping your enemies alive as a Knight. Do you dare?"
    Sir Rodinald thinks hard, then slowly sheaths his weapon; "May the Lady I am visiting have good will, but even more so on thou. Hasten on thee speech!"
    Ishmael the Inducer; "Sir Rodinald, do you know what Laconic means? I will give you an example now:
    Sir Rodinald will bleed
    For as great as he is
    Alas he has blood"
    Sir Rodinald; "Is this your pathetic attempt of spooking me, fiend?"
    Ishmael the Inducer simply responds back; "I know you don't like how the Knights are right now. Then get to it."
    After this, Sir Rodinald of Crestia was left unspoked for. He started thinking, hard. Meanwhile, Ishmael was just following the road.
    After moments of thinking, Sir Rodinald of Crestia suddenly realized that he had to get to the Lady.
    He hastens up to his horse and tries his best to reach the Lady's party as soon as possible, like any true Knight.

    But then came ruffians, right when Sir Rodinald reached the city, about two blocks away from the Lady's house.
    With the trap one of the ruffians made, Sir Rodinald fell and got hit into spikes.
    You thinks he dead, boss?
    Shut up, you squiq! Of course he's dead! I learned doing traps for a reason, damnit!
    Sir Rodinald was heavily hurt, but he stood up...
    I am Sir Rodinald of Crestia. You ruffians deserve judgement, MY judgement! Have at thee! HAVE AT YOU!
    With a parry here, there. Some pirouette, lots of slashes and a bit of stabs, Sir Rodinald finally fell when he got stabbed through his stomach the third time.
    Bloody Knights-uh! They's never die-uh! They's deserve ta b'bloody-uh!
    Heys, the boss be dead! BOSS DEAD! NOOO!
    That is good-uh!

    With 3 kills including the boss, the Underling is left without a boss...And a life, taken by the last survivor.
    Taking whatever loot this pathetic scruffian can take, Sir Rodinald prays and lays in peace, when he hears a voice...
    Sir Rodinald of Crestia...
    A kind voice...Lady...Art thou an angel?!
    Oh Sir Rodinald of Crestia, why have you forsaken me?
    What...In the name of God...What is going on-
    Oh Sir Rodinald of Crestia, Heart of Courage, Mind of Nobleman. With thee will hast thou live, with thee will thou shalt die...
    Please...End this...I did my...
    Oh Sir Rodinald of Crestia. I beseech thee. Use thee will. I beseech thee.
    I...My lady...I have failed thee...
    Sir Rodinald of Crestia, thou hadth never failed anyone. Thou hadth failed theeself. Thou hadth...Forsaken me.
    No! I have not I--
    Sir Rodinald is able to get up from his near-death experience.
    A bit confused, he sees he's alive yet he should have died. His bleeding stopped without any physical intervention.
    Yet, still with the feast in memory, he sees the rose...Full of Blood, no longer a White Rose.
    He takes it, carrying in his hand, while slowly walking to the house, realizing how easy it is for him to walk even though he's devastededly hurt.
    Right at the Lady's house, he is seen by everyone, even the dogs.
    Sir Rodinald just approaches the lady like any true Knight, with the Blood Rose in his hand.
    The Lady, so spooked yet fascinated, asks him while trying to remain calm;
    "What sect art thee, my liege?"
    "The Order of the Blood Rose, my lady"

    [The Frostlings of the Covenant of the Frost Fang.]
    Ambush of Ishmael against Ehekit the Master.

    Ehekit the Master, standing tall at a mountain top, overlooking his homeland, dominated and ruined by "Men". From behind, a sense of warmth, stronger of your average human.
    There he saw...A figure, human but not humanoid.
    It was a tall black man, shrouded in blackness, yet strangely only having pants and boots.
    Ishmael the Inducer; "I have been in a country where men are pathetic, out of entertainment, but now I came upon here and upon you. Frostlings, you are pathetic, just pathetic, and you say it's all the "Man's" fault, yet I know it's by YOUR choice"
    Ehekit the Master; "You dare come to our lands, violate us. Now, YOU dare to come to me, ALONE. Do you think you will get out by insulting me, worm?"
    Ishmael the Inducer; "I was expecting company, not of my...Race though. I'd rather be alone, even if it's against more than five combatants, be it Frostling or Human."
    Ehekit the Master; "You humans always seek honour yet you reek of lies."
    Ishmael's Frost Fang wraps around and hisses while looking at Ehekit, as if implying he is wrong.
    Ishmael the Inducer; "Ehekit, have you ever seen the Frost Fang? It's a marvelous creature, such a beautiful yet simple skin it has. It is so gentle, so 'cold' it is indeed! The females are kind while the males are stoic. Intriguing creature, is it not?"
    Ehekit can't stop looking at the snake, with dread and awe. Crossing his arms, Ehekit simply asks;
    "What is it that you want, human worm?"
    "I want a lot of things which I can't have, but I suppose that makes it more fun to gain. Don't you think?"
    Ehekit, even more so tired of Ishmael's "philosophical" talk, gets mad, with red going through him, shouts at what he wants;
    Ishmael hastily throws the Frost Fang at him, while Ehekit suddenly unsheats his weapon.
    While trying to slash the Frost Fang, this one is faster and bits him right in the heart.
    Ehekit, falls down, completely weak, not even his own will lets him stand up.
    Ishmael approaches and gets in his position, face-to-face.
    "It's not me who wants you to die, Ehekit. It was your choice."
    "When I-gh...Gh--g-hget up...I wi-ll GET you AND YOUR...FAM...FAMILY!!!"
    Ishmael appears to, naturally, enjoy his threats.
    "You see, this nice Frost Fang lady only bit you because you wanted to be bitten. But do not feel pathetic, you made a choice."
    Ishmael then gets up, looking at what Ehekit was looking; his homeland.
    "This is only one of many, Ehekit. You got much to choose."
    Ishmael then gets Ehekit up.
    "Some will say that you are strong, Ehekit. Even humans, the ones that have honour, you know?"
    Ishmael suddenly laughs, almost like a maniac.
    Ehekit regains all his strength, then pushes Ishmael, strong enough to break ice.
    "Aaaah, the freshness and pain that ice can give. It is almost orgasmic. I should tell my ladies about this experience."
    Ehekit grows stronger, with red going on his frozen skin, yet acts calm.
    He ignores Ishmael, who is stuck on ice, then approaches the Frost Fang that bit it, who is now crawling to Ishmael's torso.
    "Some animals like cats bite humans to show they love them. This bite that the Frost Fang did on you is no different."
    Ehekit, still instinctually fearful and truly in awe, slowly gets to pet the Frost Fang.
    The Frost Fang emits a kind hiss.
    Ehekit the Master; "My homeland...It's not my homeland."
    Ishmael the Inducer; "This whole world is your homeland, Ehekit. It's just that there are some filth to clean!"
    Ehekit slowly grabs the Frost Fang, lets it crawl around it's arm and hand. Then he goes back, to look at his..."Homeland".
    Ehekit the Master; "I was born here, but that means nothing. Do you see it, my dearest Frost Fang? I am a Frostling, I am truly a weakling."
    Ishmael breaks the ice with ease, as if it was molten by his high human temperature.
    Ishmael the Inducer; "Oh, now we are getting dramatic!"
    Ishmael the Inducer approaches Ehekit, side-to-side now...
    "You see that, Ehekit? You should, but right now you don't. You're on the top, you are looking at something you will never have and never want. Your own homeland."
    Ehekit the Inducer; "Just what are you trying to say, Ishmael?"

    Ishmael the Inducer; "Ehekit, they call you 'the Master' for a reason, but you are not a master. Ehekit, you stand atop here, because you admit your defeat and patheticness. You are a Frostling---Or let me say it already, a man, and I don't care about your 'snowskin' and customs, with a title that means nothing."
    Ehekit the Inducer; "I am a frostling...But truly, I am a man."
    Ishmael the Inducer; "Indeed."
    Ehekit the Inducer; "I stand here, on the top of the mountain, overlooking at something that is not mine and NEVER gave me anything."
    "I think myself as king, as master, yet here I am, STANDING, AT THE TOP, ONLY WATCHING, DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!"
    Miraculously, or not, the mountain crumbles just a little, as if there was an Earthquake.
    Ishmael the Inducer; "The mountain moves with you, Ehekit, but it is only an illusion. Yet, your own Frostlings...Why not make them stop whining and get to do something, get to the action already?"
    Ehekit the Master grabs Ishmael's throat with one hand, then lifts him as he is about to throw him to his death.
    Ehekit the Inducer; "Do you really think you are the one who induced me!? NO! The Frost Fang is what gave me a purpose!"
    While Ishmael is struggling and looking at Ehekit's eyes, he notices it; His eyes turn more reptilian than humanoid.
    Ishmael then notices his fangs, slowly developing, and finally gets to smile with him.
    Ishmael then punches Ehekit, which did nothing other than work up his ire. Ehekit then throws him to his death, surfing through killing rocks.
    Meanwhile, Ehekit storms through his village, even stabbing one of his own, not just as Frostling, but as relative...His wife, a true beloved.
    Ehekit the Inducer; "My dearest love...You are succeeded today."
    Ehekit then lets her fall, without helping her do so. Already dead, Ehekit starts shouting...
    "Comrades of the North! We, the Frostlings, have been invaded, subsequently bullied, violated and even raped. We, who worked and suffered for the Snow, for the Ice, for the Frost & Cold, WE HAVE NEVER GOTTEN THE RESPECT WE DESERVE!
    The Humans came to our lands seeking conquest, hence they acquired. In our harsh lands lives a being known as 'Man', he who makes even our dreadful gods look like as futile as the "bunnies" from THEIR LANDS!
    Friends, Comrades, Brothers! We, the Frostlings, are not to be trifled with and this the 'Man' shall know! Join us, the Covenant of the Frozen Fang, join us dear friends, and together we ALL shall conquest their lands as they conquested ours!
    Frost Fang Rising! Bite Down Mankind!"
    The mountains crumbled! The shouting could be heard nearly everywhere. With Frostlings at the ready, there became a revolution.
    Skirmishes, not even planned by any army at all, began to appear in Forts and Bases held by Men in the land of the Frostlings.

    With blood spilled from the Frostlings, there came a banner.
    With the blood of the Frostlings attracting the habitat, there came a Frost Fang to feast on it.
    When the Frostlings stared at it in awe, yet with stoic faces...Frost Fang Hissed.
    There, their banner was born.
    There, they knew they shall rise.
    "Frost Fang Rising! Bite Down Mankind!"
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