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We <3 PVKII!

It's Mod Appreciation week on www.moddb.com

Click here for more details on how to spread the love for PVKII and how to win big!

Now is the chance to help us promote PVKII by telling the world why it's so close to your heart.

Jump straight in and visit our brand spankin new Moddb page here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/pirates-vikings-and-knights-ii

Find the image like the one above and make us feel warm and fuzzy! Be sure to use the hashtags: #modlove2016 , #pvkii and #OctosharkStudios as well as reppin' us with an @pvkii @Octosharkstudios and @moddb

Hurry pvkii lubbers, time be runnin' out.

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