"The Hitting Crash"

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Lately, especially after the 3.4 update, I've been getting some crashes. It's not just me, some of my friends did as well, I'll let them testify themselves.

It seems that the crash is random, but for some reason it's more "common" when you get hit under some circumstance (very low on health).

Here are the dumps;

(don't mind the srcds dumps there)

EDIT: Confirmed by one programmer that it must be a problem with SourceMod, this is at least related to the server and not the game. The "crashing hit" may be something else.
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    Some of those crashes are crashes nothing to do with PVKII, or we can't diagnose because they're closed Source, but some seem to be related to crash when it tried to compute the block animation sequence. Which is odd. I can't see anything obvious wrong, perhaps sir Felis will be able to find out what I screwed up. (Because I bet it's my fault somehow *cough)



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