Chest duplication bug

Sp00nSp00n Senior
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I just had an issue where I picked up (stole) a chest that was near the enemy scoring zone at the same time it was supposed to idle back to the scoring zone (the green animation of the chest disappearing played) but I still had the chest:


I was unable to confirm whether the bug is just with the display of chests (the vikings should have 4) or if the chest actually duplicated as the round ended before I could bring the chest to the pirate score zone.


  • PossiblexPossiblex Senior
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    That happened to me quite alot. And all of the time, the chest I carry would override the one that would tp back to the capture zone. Not immediately, but in like 5 seconds, the chest would disappear.
  • BeroxardasBeroxardas Beta Tester, Senior
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    It can be really bad when the tickets are low, and the higher number of chests will decide about victory. Also I would like to mention- this bug can happen even to your own team, as knight I had "the chest number seven" returned.

    Another kind of bug is "invalid capture", for example when you drop the 3d chest at the capture point and after a few seconds counter goes back to number of 2 chests captured. Chest can be retaken then and captured once again, which gives stupid ammount of 10 points given instead of 5.
    I`m really sorry for my bad English. I`m not a native speaker.
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