The Testudo Cohort

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This is a group I made in order to organize a handful of people so we can easily inform each other, most of the times about little side projects we do, maybe an event where we can test out a map on a server or so...And many more.

Anyone can join. If you tend to make a lot of projects, you'll become an Officer, if you do make some side projects from time to time, moderator.

Mappers, coders, texture-makers, modellers, SourcePawn coders and so on, all welcomed. Don't have any of those skills? Just being a reasonable player who knows at least some English to understand what will happen are allowed as well. Players are considered as testers in The Testudo Cohort. And if anybody wants to go Roman, they're the Cohorts themselves.

The reason for the naming is simple; Testudo is not because it means Turtle in Latin, but a play-with-words, that is...Test-U-Do. Cohort is simply because of what the dictionary says about it; "A group of people supporting the same thing or person."

Link to the group;

Would be nice to have a guy/gal who is able to make a server, since mine is just a private shirleyty unoptimized one.
I make mods.
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