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KakiemixKakiemix Senior
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Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself and let you know what I'll be doing. I've been doing digital art for around 5 years now and I'm currently studying Animation at university (starting my second year in September).

I designed this the other day just as a concept for a potential logo, I'm going to add text and do a few more redesigns with a shark head and tentacles and some re-colours which I'll post in this thread.

Colonel asked me to work on some designs for the achievement boxes and I'll use this thread to show my progress throughout. :) Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


  • KakiemixKakiemix Senior
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    Just a quick spooky recolour :)
  • AGSMAAGSMA The Antichrist has Resurrected PVKII Team, Beta Tester
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    That version of the octoshark inspires me to made a 3D model based on it's design.


  • NiveNive PVKII Team
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    The finned tentacles are pretty brilliant, is there a reason why the three don't have fins?
    The way the shark tail is lined-off makes it seem like it's disconnected.
    You could try having the tentacles fanned out to reveal a shark-toothed mouth on the octopus head. It might look weird though.
  • KakiemixKakiemix Senior
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    Thanks, not any other reason than too many fins made it look a bit too busy and yeah I see what you mean with the shark tail looking disconnected.
    I will sketch up some concepts of different octosharks with different bits of shark in different places as well as trying to add some text, maybe with the tentacles :)
  • Trojan•CliniqueTrojan•Clinique Be precise. A lack of precision is dangerous. Senior
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    Impressive! Welcome to the forums.
  • KakiemixKakiemix Senior
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    Started on some Achievement Boxes :) Just a few rough ideas of a border, some sketches and colours. I am planning on keeping them all the same style and very similar colour schemes. Here is "First Blood" "Berserker" and "Parrot Killer"
  • KakiemixKakiemix Senior
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    Achievement boxes are coming along slowly :) I've settled with the more cell-shaded style instead of the style above which isn't as cartoony. This is mainly due to time and the more cartoony style fits better for achievements. I also decided to redesign the first blood achievement because I don't think it was completely clear what it was in the other picture.

    Now that I feel confident with the techniques I'm using to produce these I should be able to finish about 5 a week at a minimum :)

    (from left to right, "I Wish To Register a Complaint" "Berserker" "I'm a Mighty Pirate" "First Blood" "Valhal Awaits")
  • Trojan•CliniqueTrojan•Clinique Be precise. A lack of precision is dangerous. Senior
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    Keep up the good work!
  • El NegroEl Negro The Genuinely Only Sane Person Guests
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    That Octoshark looks like it tries to be creepy...And it works because I got thalassophobia.

    I'll show him what a goddamn tentacle is!
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