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Hey all,

Currently I'm working on the Knight Lord but I'm also working on a ton of other stuff. Sometimes I may seem like a snail, other times I put out work like a demon on an adrenaline fix. It's all dependent on the number of projects I have under my belt and the goals I'm trying to achieve. Believe posting my WIP here will be therapeutic for me to show everyone projects I'm currently working on while assisting pvk. Because sometimes I feel I maybe slowing down production a bit to try and achieve my personal and professional goals. Sorry about that, lol, don't mean to :/ . But I believe if I post my WIP here, people's expectations will light a fire under my butt to hurry up on everything :D .

Current WIP




PVK Knight Lord


Other work, located on my website, http://jrdaviscg.weebly.com


  • James DavisJames Davis PVKII Team
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  • HaxxHaxx Senior
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  • James DavisJames Davis PVKII Team
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    Made weapons, switched out headpiece. Remade headpiece, he's a lord, not a king so made it look more knightly opposed to regal but still give a noble class feeling. Taking a day to work on my other project but will return to this to retopologize and start texturing. Planning to set up working on the Lord and pvk projects on odd days, personal projects like the demon girl on my even days to keep me fresh and give my eyes a breather working on a single particular project. :P work on the same thing day after day and quality and enthusiasm will start to lag

  • ColonelColonel Finger Lickin' Good PVKII Team
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    Awesome! This guy truly looks like the leader of the knights.

    Co-Lead | Level Designer

  • James DavisJames Davis PVKII Team
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  • James DavisJames Davis PVKII Team
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  • James DavisJames Davis PVKII Team
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    Been years since I've done 2D, wanted to jump back into it a bit and sketched something up. Was going to clean up the body lining like I did for the top half but I liked the contrast

  • James DavisJames Davis PVKII Team
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    Concepting for my Kasdeya model, WIP

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    Very nice stuff. Keep up the good work! :icon_pirate2:
  • James DavisJames Davis PVKII Team
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