Brian "LATTEH" Birnbaum - Level Designer/Environment/Props/Textures/Weapons

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Hi! My name is Brian Birnbaum, You can call me LATTEH. Colonel Contacted me for joining your team. I would love to join your team to help build your mod. i know there is a lot of different areas, But i am pretty well rounded in all areas. I am definitly better with Environment art and prop creation/Weapons more then anything. I hope i can contribute and make your mod better.


CS:GO level i made in two weeks for a treyarch level design test.


A tree set i made for a RO2:ww1 mod


This is in my portfolio, But i wanted to post just in case anyone doesn't click the link.
Kandagal is a large map for New world interactive's Insurgency. It is now an offical map for the game and will be added soon.



  • HaxxHaxx Senior
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    Holy biscuits this looks amazing :D

    Hire dis guy cause PVK 2 is uglyyyyyyyy

  • ColonelColonel Finger Lickin' Good PVKII Team
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    Hi LATTEH!

    Thank you for your communication and application.

    I am more than impressed with your portfolio! I really like that you showcase your experience and expertise, especially with Source, in a very professional style. You have that extra sense where you know what looks good, and you can pull it off in a cinematic and believable way. Your work looks just fantastic. I have high hopes you can be an excellent addition for the pvkii dev team :icon_pirate2:

    As you know, you would be able to choose tasks that delight you the most. We would love to help you expand your portfolio, if you take on the following:
    1. 2D/3D art: essential map architecture, prop models, organic models, weapon models, etc.
    2. Mapping: revamping old/current maps, new maps, etc.

    You are really everything we could ask for! I hope that you enjoy your time with us and help us continue to create our magical worlds and works of art. Let me know if you'd like to change the order of things listed above. We are always welcoming talented artists that stick. Artists that commit to grow and become more than they are right now. Artists that have asset development in their blood. Artists that love to create like it's a cup of coffee in the morning. For example, artists that deliver many models/textures to a Level Designer's world, and work with them to support each others portfolio development and help bring worlds to life! Artists that finish what they start, be it a weapon model, or a task of revamping a map's visuals, or finishing that dream map that the game never knew it could have.

    We work on the game in our free time as a project for: our portfolios, our old and new fans, and our the love of the game. We work in a way that fits our schedules. We are very understanding of each others priorities - be it school, work, or other projects.

    Let's keep in touch and discuss your applicant's challenge at the appropriate time that is comfortable for you. We give applicants a "first task" to judge their skills and how they can create content for the game. I want to provide you with options, and you can choose what you feel would be the most enjoyable!

    Here is your thread in the Applicant's Progress Zone.

    Thank you,

    Everything has its beginning, hop aboard the grogboat!  
    Colonel: Co-Lead | Level Designer

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    Looks like great stuff.
  • NiveNive Beta Tester
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    Oh gee this stuff looks sweet as balls. I'm certainly interested to see what you'd whip up for PVKII!
  • JollygreenJollygreen Troll Senior
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    crazy skybox man, get your ass on the team
  • ColonelColonel Finger Lickin' Good PVKII Team
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    LATTEH to the TEAM! Welcome aboard!


    Everything has its beginning, hop aboard the grogboat!  
    Colonel: Co-Lead | Level Designer

  • Huzzah!Huzzah! Senior
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    So jealous :(
  • Combine™Combine™ Beta Tester, Authorized Creator
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    Holy chocolate banana's those are amazing! That black ops 1 re-make looks awesome and the Red Orchestra 2 map looks fantastic both i'd love to try out myself and now you're doing PVK maps. Very interesting to see what you come up with! :)
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