Bugs for 3.0-ish



  • PossiblexPossiblex Senior
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    Afijak wrote:

    Maybe not a bug but a request for developers...
    Could you please fix some things like theese:
    1. Sharpshooter - The CIRCLE AIM should be slightly shifted right to strictly allign the pistol HINDSIGHT. The thing is true when aiming the gun.
    2. Archer - please make the crossbow to be strictly center-alligned when aiming the sights - as it alligned on the man-at-arms's crossbow. Because now the archer crossbow aiming looks a bit shifted to the rightside...

    I can not agree more. MAA's crossbow and SS's pistol's ironsights are so awful that I'm forced to disable viewmodel every time.
  • MomoMomo Land Lubber! PVKII Team
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    Might be just me, but the skirmisher barrel sound is borked. When he lights the barrel i hear the normal hissing sound, but after a second it just stops. Then just before it explodes i hear some hissing. What gives?
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    While playing a Berzerker starter T posing.
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