Viking Runes

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So the Knights and the Pirates have plenty of options when it comes to interresting and unique weaponry, with their gundpowder and clever contraptions and such. The Vikings? Not so much. However, what if the Vikings magical runes to spice things up? I know this is planned for their healer class already, but this could open up a whole new world of unique weapon possibilites. Just a small idea I wanted to throw out there.


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    They could have a wizard class that specializes in magic or something
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    They don't need magic runes, they just need runes. Save the magic for games with magic as a core premise. Or a modification.
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    A druid class would sound fine enough. Too bad this mod isn't called Pirates, Gauls and Knights II because I'd love to see a Panoramix (Getafix for the englishmen) lookalike kicking as much ass as any viking in the game.


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    I really would love to see Wizard in the game, too bad it wouldn't fits much. Though I'd agree vikings are somewhat boring to play as and they somewhat all alike. What if Gestir, who's special is pretty much huscarl's rip off (I know it's diffirent in actual gameplay, still somewhat common and similar), could use the power from within to cast an fireball (even though explosives is pirate's theme) or shot Flamethrower of his hands as special, just like berserker can use the magical power to heal himsel for some time, make himself magically glow and being stronger\faster for several time??

    I know this may sound silly, but I really would LOVE this special.

    Who knows, maybe the next game Octoshark Studios will plan will be called Wizards, Sorceres and Mages. :D Where all classes pretty much rely on awesome looking, power amazing, colorful AoE boom\peshpesh\kaboom\dzum\bshh\bam skills\spells\abilities like Lightning Storm, Meteor Storm, Blizzard, the classic Flamethrower\Tesla coil shoting of hands and some arcane skills like time slowmotion and teleportation? :P We already have a game that focus on melee mostly, now we need a Wizardy one. :) Not to mention, there is NONE of the game where has fist person AND magic as core mechanics, especially for multiplayer combat, while there are like crapload of games that focus on melee and medieval crap only... :(
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    There was an old HL1 mod that had wizards basically, I was around during its final moments but it was hilarious with its traveling BOOM or whatever it was on the screen that hit stuff

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