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ThatOneBoxThatOneBox Senior
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almost every game on steam has trading cards now. when can we expect pvkii cards?


  • cainsithcainsith Beta Tester
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    We had a thread about this before. Apparently it's only for paid games, so you can't do it for mods or something like that.
  • Cap1Cap1 Land Lubber! Banned
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    Mods do not get that luxury.
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  • ThatOneBoxThatOneBox Senior
    edited 11:38PM
    dang that's a shame. i realyl wanted a pvkii profile backround.
  • AmerikaAmerika Honkey Senior
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  • CrazytalkCrazytalk Terminator PVKII Team
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    As of right now, trading cards are not available to us.


  • ThatOneBoxThatOneBox Senior
    edited 11:38PM
    charge 1 dollar ofr pvk so we can get them.
  • Dr.ClericDr.Cleric Senior
    edited 11:38PM
    I have the solution:

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  • ThatOneBoxThatOneBox Senior
    edited 11:38PM
    i'd buy it.
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