Radius based charged attacks

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So, every weapon has its own swings, ok but what if these swings were modified by the charge given to each strike so that high charged ones would give wider swings than low charged ones?

Direct consequences

Smaller swing attacks would be faster and lighter than the big swings which of course are slow and with heavy damage. Lighter attacks would require more aim because of the short swings but would be hard to parry properly because of the pace of them. The heavy attacks would be easier to land and deadlier but easier to parry because slower to execute a proper longer swing.


How does this blend in with the classes

I assume most of this has already been thought to differentiate the classes, of course everything should be subjected to class limits, no one wants to see a viking holding an axe like it was a light sabre. Each class could have its own "Swing unit", that controls how much amplitude a swing should be increased of, a skimisher would have a short unit, a knight a longer unit, it could be flat or exponential.


First Person

Imagine the weapon slowly edging out of the screen toward the chosen direction, still with the bar on screen tough which could be made into something a little different, like a cone:


A few moments after you reach the top it slowly returns to the resting position, fitting in with the discharging aspect of the attacks, because the arm tires.

Some weapons...

Some weapons don't have a charging aspect, or only partial, which is fine because they are unique in this way, still in the way of this swing change, since both the knife and the dual-axe have a plunge attack like any other weapon, it fits nicely anyway because high charged ones would go deeper or further than the low charged ones and they would be lighter or heavier and all the stuff explained before. The gestir's spear which is only plunge attacks would be affected in the same way (charge deeper), or could have some swing accent to left/right/up but that's a weapon decision.

Fighting styles

This change would allow for example the skirmisher to lean more on a fencing style, with low charged swings, fast and direct damage (which is what I see mostly in the game), and the knight to focus more on the high charged swings that hits multiple targets (Which is again what I see the players doing).
So it does not change or revolts or unbalance much of the game because it fits in with the classes, but at the same time gives the player a little more freedom to deal with different situations. A style within the style.

How much?

How much should the swings vary? I think these could be also class specific, a knight that is obstructed by his own armor should have a smaller margin of maneuver, while an agile pirate could have a wider angle of choice, yet the sharpshooter, goofy in melee, could not really stretch himself that much to stick in the knife real deep. A Gestir, fond of the way of the spear would feel estranged in swinging his sword more than a few inches away, of course these are just thoughts.


Giving a margin of maneuver to the player in this case can really be rewarding, it adds much more variety to the fights, it is not an hard and unwelcoming mechanic for the player because imho it feels just natural. It builds upon what the game already has and adds an extra layer of fun and depth which is of immediate understanding but of hard mastering

(Which is the golden recipe each game wants right? )

And well, in the panorama of melee fighting games this is the only one that I see uses a charged based attack system, whereas all the others rely more on combos and such.
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