How to properly report cheaters/hackers - READ THIS BEFORE POSTING

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How to report hackers:
-Provide a Steam user id, you can see the user id in game by typing "status", without the quotes in console.
-Provide a short and precise description of what the alleged hacker did. For example: "Using aimbot, player model spinning around wildly while all attacks land precisely in the head of an opponent"
-Provide a demo, this is the most important point as this is the only way to truly tell if someone is hacking or not. A demo can be recorded in game by typing "record hacker" (or whatever other name, instead of hacker) in the console. Once you are done recording, type "stop" in the console, as usual, without the quotes. Now you can exit the game and look for the "hacker.dem" file in your /pvkii/ folder. Upload this to any of the known file sharing sites like for example mediafire and have a link to that in your post. The .dem file should not be in an archive.
-A link to the Steam profile of the hacker can help, but isn't necessary.

As a general rule, try to keep your posts short and concise, as not to clutter up the thread too much and make it easier for server admins to see/read. Also don't double post and edit your original post if you forgot to mention something.

Also, we have an official sticky to gather reports of cheaters, post reports of hackers in there.
-> http://forums.pvkii....showtopic=13829
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