New/next round sudden death warning.

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Hey hey hey, had a little flick on some older posts but my beady eyes didn't see anything on these lines so hopefully not re-posting. Ok so on lts, before the round ends and if the next round is a sudden death, a message would display saying the next round will be sudden death. Hopefully I'm not the only one that likes to play a different class for a sudden death, sort of adjusting the class for the appropriate situation. Maybe in the advanced menu, being able to set a class, on each team as a default sudden death class? Let me know your thoughts :) - Dave

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  • yushyush Senior
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    Yeah, that lack of notification was a pain in the arse. Thumbs up from me for idea.
  • DenshinDenshin Beta Tester, Authorized Creator
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    The chances of an instant sudden death are rolled at the very start of a round is it not? Well it shouldn't be too bad having some heads up before the next round if possible.

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  • NiveNive PVKII Team
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    I guess it depends on if the "Sudden" in "Sudden Death" is supposed to mean abrupt or unexpected.
    If it's abrupt, I'm all for it... if it's unexpected, I'm still all for it, but the devs might not be.
  • KOKORONOKAWARIKOKORONOKAWARI Funny Little Japanese Drawing Person Senior
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    I like the surprise sudden death. The reason they let you pick in TF2 was because classes were much more situated to their specific roles. There is more balance here to pick what you wish for the most part so I don't see it as necessary.

    However, I would love to see being able to manipulate the timer on sudden death as they can be pretty short :\

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  • J-coJ-co Tramp Senior
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    Yeah, the surprise is the whole point of it for me. Nice way to fridge everyone over
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  • simiussimius Senior
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    It would be an advantage to adjust your class to the situation which would be pleasant - but still I agree with J-co (and Korenorokonarawaki's point of timer manipulation)
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