the new damage for seax

PerspectivePerspective Senior
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what is the damage for seax now?

please make the changelog publish real numbers instead of just "well the seax does more damage now hurr durr"

and update the database thread seriously it's the only worthwhile thread on the forums


  • CrackpunchCrackpunch Senior
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    It's looking like nobody cares about you.

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  • yushyush Senior
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    More of that, langsax is doing less damage now, but still more than huscarl's sword.

    Heh, i'd like to know numbers too, though not knowing them and figuring it out is cool too ^_^
  • CrackaPollyCrackaPolly PVKII Team, Authorized Creator
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    ~11% reduction in effectiveness. And ya the seax is ~22% more effective than the huscarl sword
  • yushyush Senior
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    Crackapolly, You seem to have a lot of info, You figured it out Yourself as Crackpunch suggested, or read it somewhere else?
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  • yushyush Senior
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    Me be stupid :D

    Crackapolly, obviouslt You have all the info but don't want / don't have time to post it. I can understand that :)
    Thanks for seax info though.
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